Jessica Simpson's 'Strange' Behavior in Pottery Barn Ad Raises Eyebrows

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Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson has her fans worried as she updates her Instagram to show off her latest promotional gig. The 42-year-old actress and fashion mogul is now signed to home retailer Pottery Barn - in a recent share, she posted shouting out her family and, in particular, 2019-born daughter Birdie Mae. Jessica was showing off how she decorated her home to make it a warm and welcoming space for her youngest child. Fans, however, are picking up a weird vibe and have been leaving comments suggesting they're worried. Jessica does not appear to have addressed the replies.

Showing Off Pottery Barn Interiors

Jessica Simpson and family
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The video showed the blonde enjoying precious time with her little one while showing off black-painted wood decor and butterfly prints forming the exteriors of a fun, treehouse-style bed area on stilts. Also shared was a giraffe statue dressing up Birdie Mae's bedroom. Soft and colorful furnishings adding in pops of buttercup yellow added splashes of color to pink, tan, and white from a fuzzy floor rug.

“Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson, and welcome to my daughter Birdie’s room, designed by Pottery Barn Kids and a little bit of me," Jessica said while rocking a flowing maxi dress.

Feels It Matched

Continuing, the Jessica Simpson Style founder added, “I was really drawn to the geometric prints and the color scheme. This really, to me, is Birdie’s personality."

Fans are showing their thoughts. Over 7,000 users liked a reply reading, "Something is wrong here." Others, meanwhile, commented on Jessica's voice, suggesting that she might be slurring her speech. "Please tell me I'm not the only one that hears her voice being totally she ok???!" one fan wrote. Over 4,000 others agreed. Jessica also got an "Is she ok?" comment.

Battling Addiction

In 2020, Jessica made headlines for releasing her Open Book memoir. The book documents the star's childhood sexual abuse, failed marriage to Nick Lachey, plus her past addiction to alcohol and pills. Jessica has been open about her recovery journey, but it looks like fans are still worried about her.

Comments Keep Coming

One fan asked, "Is she on drugs? Slurred speech..." Another user referred to eyes that they deemed to be "sunken" and also concluded that something was wrong. Jessica did, however, gain over 85,000 likes for the post. Also signed to Pottery Barn in recent years has been Russian-born Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin. For more from Jessica and her family, check out her Instagram.