Michigan Doctor's Body Discovered In A Frozen Pond Days After Being Declared Missing

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Dr Bolek Payan
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It's such an unfortunate experience having to deal with the case of a missing loved one and even more daunting discovering they're dead after days of unending searches and worries. This Michigan doctor's body has now been found in a frozen pool close to his home after 5 days of being reported missing.

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Dr. Bolek Payan

Dr. Payan's corpse has been found near his home five days after he was spotted leaving his workplace, Henry Ford Jackson Hospital in Jackson, Michigan on December 22, 2022.

The Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Department wrote on Facebook declaring him missing on Christmas Eve after days of no contact with his family, friends, or employers, and asked for help from the public in looking for him.


Authorities Accessed His Home Video Camera System

After discovering his dead body, detectives swung into action and were able to view footage from his video camera system showing he left his home on foot on the afternoon of December 22.

Searching His Home

Authorities then proceeded to scan his home area with K-9 dogs and drones. They also decided to cut holes in the ice of the pond on his property as they believed he would have been deceased before the missing report due to the harsh weather conditions on the day he left his house.

Dealing With A Terrible Cold Front

From the day Payan was last seen to Christmas day, the Michigan area and its residents dealt with a serious arctic cold front which came with wind and cold and falling temperatures by more than 35 degrees in some parts of Michigan.

Friends And Family Had Prior Arrangements With Payan

Before his body was discovered, close friends and family claimed they were supposed to spend the holidays with the doctor in Jackson County, and also stated concerns about his disappearance which they called unlikely.

He Didn't Pick Up The Dogs

A family friend of Payan, Nicole Keiser also revealed that the physician had left his dogs with her, and was supposed to come pick them up the same evening (December 22) which didn't happen.

She proceeded to say it was "uncharacteristic" of Payan to drive off and not come get the dogs from her place.

Reactions From Social Media

Tweets have been pouring in about the devastating incident with people expressing their sadness over his death.

Investigations Are Ongoing

The police are waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports on the body in order to proceed with the case which is still under heavy investigation.

Payan Was A Psychiatrist

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Payan graduated from the Midwestern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2017 and according to his profile on Henry Ford Health's website, he specialized in psychiatry.

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