Couple Told They'd Never Conceive Due to Wife's Rare Condition Defy Doctors

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Trying to conceive with your significant other can be a really challenging time. For some couples, getting pregnant is very easy. For others, it can be very hard to get pregnant. Every month, women have about a five to six day window in which they can conceive. However, it takes more than just a guy and a girl to get pregnant. There are many different things that can happen and get in the way of conception for women and men.

Many Medical Conditions Can Interfere With Pregnancy

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There are many different medical reasons why conceiving a child can be hard for couples. Sometimes, doing this naturally does not always work. Fortunately, science has come up with wondrous ways for women to still try and conceive, such as IUI and IVF.

However, Sometimes These Things Don't Work, Either

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Julia Wright and Mark McCarthy were excited to have a baby after getting married. As most couples do, they began trying. However, after two years, they had no luck. They decided to see a doctor.

Mark Was Diagnosed With a Rare Medical Condition

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After undergoing medical testing, Mark was diagnosed with teratozoospermia. The condition causes Mark's sperm to be oddly shaped, making it hard to fertilize an egg. Doctors said that Julia's chances of getting pregnant were 250,000-1.

The Couple Decided To Look Into Other Options

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“We were upset but we weren’t really shocked. We were expecting to be told something was wrong. We tried to keep our spirits up and focus on other options," Julia told The Daily Record.

IVF Wasn't An Option For The Couple

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Doctors told the couple that IVF wasn't going to work for them because it was virtually impossible for Marks' sperm to fertilize any of Julia's eggs. Instead of putting Julia's body through possible failure, they began looking into adoption.

The Couple Began the Process of Adoption

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The agencies have a long waiting period, where couples have to go through background checks and apply for specific things. During the waiting period, Julia realized that her period was late. However, she didn't want to get her hopes up.

Much To Their Surprise, Julia Was Pregnant

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“I couldn’t believe it when the double blue line appeared. I was so shocked, I did about six more tests, just to make sure. I refused to believe it was true until it was confirmed by my GP but when told I was expecting, I still couldn’t take it in," Julia said.

The Couple Welcomed Their Son, Alfie, Into The World on December 18th

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Although Julia had to go through a 25-hour labor, everything was worth it when their son was born. The couple, who thought that they could never have a baby of their own, was presented with a miracle.

Although the Couple Would Love Another Child, They Are Happy and Thankful

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“We would like to give Alfie a brother or sister one day but we’re realistic. We know the odds against us conceiving again are extremely high. But we only need to look at Alfie to appreciate how lucky we are," Julia said.

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