Businessman’s Job Offer to Homeless Man Goes Viral

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Many people undergo hardship in their lives that can leave them in places they had never imagined. Unfortunately, some hardships can leave people homeless and on the street, with not much hope left to find. However, there are moments in life when the fates and universe align to give people another chance and a better opportunity.

At 25, Ryan Davidson Had Been Going Through Some Tough Times

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For two years, the 25-year-old had been looking for housing and was left on the street during this time. He had not had much luck finding a place to live. This left Davidson on the street, asking for spare change from those who walked by.

James Minns Happened To Walk By Davidson While Going To Dinner

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Davidson has seen Minns walking by and asked him for some spare change. Unlike many others who walk by and do not donate to Davidson, or even stop to look at him, Minns stopped and struck up a conversation with Davidson.

As It Turns Out, Minns Had Been Going To Celebrate His Wedding Anniversary With His Wife

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Minns and Davidson began to talk and Minns, who owns his own business, thought of a brilliant idea to actually help Davidson rather than just give him the spare change in his pocket.

Minns Owns a Paint-Coating Company In The City

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Minns asked Davidson if he offered him a job, would he take it? Davidson said he would absolutely take the job opportunity, knowing this could help him in the long run. Minns gave his information to Davidson and told him to show up at his office at 7 a.m. on the following Monday morning.

Minns Shared The Story on Facebook, and Many Were Touched and Inspired

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Many people commented commending Minns for giving Davidson a good opportunity to better his life. People were excited to see if Davidson was going to actually take Minns' offer up and show up for work that Monday morning.

The Facebook Post Went Viral, Even Reaching Davidson's Family and Friends

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Davidson's aunt actually saw the Facebook post and gave Minns a contact number for him—to confirm he would show up to work. People online wanted to help Davidson, too, with a local milkman in town offering Davidson a ride to work to be on time Monday.

On Monday, Minns Posted an Update

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"Morning everyone, unfortunately Ryan didn’t show up. Ian Erniethemilkman Cutts was there at 6.30am to pick him up. Waited 30 mins and he didn’t show. I’ve rang him several times and got no answer too. Totally gutted tbh," he wrote on Facebook. People were also disappointed that Davidson had not shown for work.

However, There Was a Good Reason Davidson Was Not To Be Found

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As it turns out, Davidson ended up getting an emergency housing appointment that allowed him to find a place to live, rather than on the street—a real reason for not being available for the factory on Monday morning.

And, Davidson Showed Up For His First Day Following This

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Minns posted online that Davidson has started working at his factory and everything is going well. Davidson told BBC he is "so grateful to James."

"I love my job and everybody has made me feel so welcome. We're like one big happy family."