It Hurts: Drew Barrymore Admits To Being Ghosted By An Ex-Boyfriend

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Drew Barrymore
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Even the most perfect and flawless of all get hurt by the ones they love sometimes. Drew Barrymore is coming clean about an unpleasant dating experience that has left a bitter taste in her mouth for the longest time and, most importantly, her views on dating and why it's a natural thing to do.

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Drew Barrymore Sets Her Priorities Straight

The actress is currently dating, but it's not her priority. She thinks of it as an activity box that she has to check once in a while.

"Every once in a while, I think I force myself to put myself out there almost as a box to check...I am like, oh, let's not lose sight of this."

Barrymore also blames her hectic schedule and lineup of shows, including The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew's News podcast, and home decor line, as one of the culprits behind her inactive dating life.

Barrymore Loves Being Alone

She continued in her interview with PEOPLE by describing herself as one who loves being alone and spending time with friends rather than meeting someone new. Her kids also take part in her slow dating life as they're still very young.

"My kids aren't old enough and my life isn't quiet enough."

We agree that dating while looking after toddlers or teenagers can be very exhausting as they still need regular attention and proper guidance.

What Happens When She Eventually Dates?

Drew Barrymore
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The 47-year-old finally reveals the one aspect of dating she doesn't fancy. If you said the word ghosting, then you're correct. The actress perfectly describes the concept of ghosting, and we couldn't agree more.

"I can't believe how much ghosting hurts," Barrymore says. "For anyone who's been ghosted out there and they feel like a brush fire went through their bodies."

The star also described the feeling as strange and wondered why anyone would behave that way.

Dating Is A 'Natural' Thing To Do

While her celebrity status doesn't help her much in that aspect of her life, the Blended actress feels dating is a completely natural and human thing to do and always finds an optimistic angle to any date, even the worst ones- admitting she "loves the stories that come out of it."

"Every once in a while, I'll go on a date because it's a very human, natural thing to do," she says as she thinks it would be unhealthy for a single female to completely discard the idea of

meeting new people and possibly finding love again.