Bella Thorne Reveals She Lost Role at 10 Because Director Accused Her of 'Flirting with Him'

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Bella Thorne
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Bella Thorne has made a candid revelation about her past, saying that a director accused her of "flirting" with him when she was only ten years old. The former Disney star is the latest celebrity guest to have appeared on model Emily Ratajkowski's High Low with EmRata podcast. Earlier this week, Bella told Emily that the director, unnamed, had complained that she was being flirtatious towards him while still a child. Bella, 25, appeared on the Monday episode of the podcast 31-year-old Emily launched shortly before the holidays. She spoke of the "feedback" she was given during the ordeal.

Flirting Accusation At The Age Of 10

Bella Thorne
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Bella called being in the public eye as a child "f-cking stressful."

The Shake It Up actress, known for her younger days on the Disney channel, said that it was not "only the whole world watching you, but specifically men, and people and women around you telling you this is the box you have to fit in."

Further revealed, was Bella's childhood incident. "I had a director give me feedback once and I was 10. The casting director calls my agent and the agent calls my mom, and they're like, 'So, she's not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him and it made him really uncomfortable," the redhead continued.

Says She Doesn't Care

Speaking as if reacting and seemingly angry as she used many expletives, Bella wondered what the director was "talking about," continuing that she didn't care what she said. Here, she gave an example of a sexual phrase a woman might use, then re-iterating her then-age of only 10.

Queries The Reality

Bella also told Inamorata founder Emily that the logistics wouldn't have worked. From her end, the director sessions aren't really an opportunity to "say or do much." Per Bella, the actor performs the scene and says hi, and then you leave. There isn't "time," she said, to go "sit on your lap."

Revealing Child Sexual Abuse

Bella has revealed that she was sexually abused while growing up, something she told her social media followers and claims she could recall until she was 14 - then, she had the "courage" to "lock my door at night."

High Low with EmRata has, since its launch, welcomed model Mia Khalifa and Sarah Hoover. Thorne, meanwhile, remains known for being sex-positive, plus her 2020 OnlyFans join, where she earned $2 million in under a week.