Deadly Blizzard Claims Another Victim: 22-Year-Old Woman from Buffalo Trapped In Her Car

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The Blizzard in America has claimed a young lady's life in Buffalo after being trapped for 18 hours without help. It's been all over the news that people should stay indoors as the authorities fight to contain the situation.

The Buffalo resident, Anndel Taylor, 22, shared a video of herself stuck in the blizzard on her way from work. Unfortunately, all her family's efforts to send help proved futile as the rescue mission could reach the location on time.

Taylor wasn't the only victim of the storm as 26 other people reportedly died in the New York blizzard as of Monday, 26th Dec.

Is The State Of New York Negligent?

"Fire department, police, everybody got stuck. Why didn't they have chains on their tires? This is a state that is known for snow."

Taylor's family shared the details of her predicament with a North Carolina News station, WSOC, in Charlotte. According to their account, the young lady wound her window up to prevent the falling snow from entering, but it only piled on the glass and trapped her indoors.

Realizing there was no way out of the storm, the 22-year-old prepared to sleep in her car until help came, but it was too late. Her family acknowledges the unfortunate accident, however, they couldn't help but question the State of New York's unpreparedness.

Undetermined Cause Of Death

Once the rescue team got to Taylor, they found the 22-year-old dead in her car. The authorities haven't ruled on her cause of death, but it's between carbon-monoxide poisoning and hypothermia. Her family is leaning more towards the former than the latter.

Her mother guessed that the snow blocked the exhaust pipe and froze the engine, causing the vehicle to stop running. That meant there wasn't any heat source to keep the ice from freezing her system.

Seeking The Help Of Military Police

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BBC reported that the death toll in Buffalo from weather-related causes is now 28, as it's affected the power supply in the area. About 34 other people have also lost their lives to this storm outside the state.

The state reportedly sought military intervention to manage traffic and prevent people indoors from moving about in their cars or alternative transportation. The police also help with the ongoing looting, an unfortunate side-effect of a state of emergency.

The police have already made some arrests on that front.

Canceled Flights And Stranded Travelers

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The airports aren't exempted as the state canceled flights, thus stranding people at the terminals. Buffalo's Mayor, Byron Brown, says the state is on top of it and is doing its best to relieve the residents of the worst blizzard their county has ever experienced.

They're now preparing to handle a flood when the snow thaws as they continue urging the residents to stay indoors.

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