Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Cozy Up At Airport During Holiday Amid Affair Scandal

Ashabi Azeez
Amy Robach And TJ Holmes
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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes' romance continues to prevail amid the scandal that their affair birthed. the duo was recently spotted getting the best out of the holidays while cozying up at Atlanta airport. Robach and Holmes did not seem perturbed as they enjoyed each other's company.

Robach And Homes Are Making The Most Of The Holidays

Per Page Six, The TV anchors were photographed looking comfortable with each other as they stood close while making small talk. At a point, the pair huddled up closer while peering into something on Robach's phone. Since the news of their affair got out, as well as the consequences that followed, the Good Morning America hosts have been away from work due to ABC's suspension. This was effected as the franchise commenced investigations into their relationship based on workplace policies. Prior to being taken off the air, Robach and Holmes co-hosted the daytime news show.

Inside Their Affair

While the drama surrounding the duo's relationship went viral only a few months ago, the TV stars were said to have started their affair back in March 2022. At the time, they had been preparing for the New York City Half Marathon. The pair were seen being chummy in lounges around ABC News' headquarters in May.

The couple became showy in the fall when they went on a getaway. Robach and Holmes had rented out a cabin in update New York where the latter was seen touching the former's butt in an intimate manner.

The Drama Surrounding Their Affair

In retrospect, Holmes is married to attorney Marilee Fiebig and they have a daughter together. He fathered two other children with his first wife, Amy Ferson. In a similar fashion, Robach is married to Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue and is mom to two children from her marriage to MLB alum Tim McIntosh. After the affair became a public issue, Shue was said to have deleted all of Robach's photos from his Instagram page, while she would later move out of their West Village home.

According to further reports, the 45-year-old Holmes and Fiebig had been separated for months, although they had been trying to work things out. A source revealed that Fiebig was devasted about her spouse;'s relationship with Robach. Things got murkier when it was revealed that Holmes' affair with Robach isn't his first, as he had allegedly been involved with another colleague Natasha Singh for three years.

Holmes Has Filed For Divorce

T.J. Holmes
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Presently Holmes had filed for divorce from Fiebig. This comes twelve years after their marriage in 2010. The latest development followed his and Robach's Atlanta Airport sighting. While it seems his marriage with Fiebig is coming to an end, ABC is yet to decide if their work ties with Holmes and Roabch will also come to an end, although the suspension from the lunchtime show was indefinite.