The Cutest Denny’s Commercial Yet Features Baby and Dad From Viral Video

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of Daddy carrying his baby
Unsplash | Arifur Rahman

Deztin Pryor is not a new name on socials; you have probably heard of him or seen his viral video, which features his toddler. The father and son shot to fame when Shanieke Pryor posted a video of her husband, DJ Pryor, and their 19-month-old kid Kingston Jierre discussing an Empire episode.

In the viral video, Kingston is conversing animatedly about the episode with his dad sitting beside him while he has his legs crossed. After just two days on Facebook, the viral video had amassed over a million shares. Even Jayshetty referred to the video when wishing Happy Father's day to all the Fathers in the world in 2020. However, what's even more incredible about this father and son is that they just gave us a reason to visit Denny's.

Keep reading to find out why.

Denny's Commercial

Flickr | Pussreboots

The most recent advertisement from the well-known diner chain (Denny's) has a father-son team that online viewers may recognize from their popular Facebook video that has received over 1 million reactions.

Denny's seized the chance to create a touching commercial while savoring the sweetness of this unique father-son bond. In it, DJ and Kingston "chat" while seated in a booth at a Denny's about the events in Kingston and the infant's life. They go back and forth between the events of his favorite cartoon while also enjoying some bacon and pancakes.

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Where It All Started

Pryor and Kingston conversed back and forth frequently while watching television together in the original video that launched the father and son to prominence, "talking" about what they observed on the screen.

Every time the child turned to speak to him, Pryor didn't miss a beat, demonstrating his ideas by pointing at the screen while effectively miming full comprehension, which was so cool.

Getting The Bag From The Viral Video

The significance of these adorable moments cannot be overstated; the moment, primarily taken for amusement, has grown enormous. The Pryors got a big bag even before the internet buzz subsided. They were acquired by Denny's for a fresh Father's Day ad. Although we are unsure of the precise amount they received, the Pryors must have been pleased.

The Parents Are Amazed By The Virality Of The Video

In an interview with The Leaf Chronicle, DJ and Shanieke disclosed that the viral video starring Kington was shot a month earlier than it received widespread media coverage. The pair claims they had no idea it would become popular.

“It’s just been crazy,” Shanieke said. “I think sometimes we’re just in disbelief on just how fast it has grown. My husband didn’t even know I had posted it.”