Bella Hadid’s Heartfelt Christmas Message Will Touch Your Heart

Chisom Ndianefo
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The holidays are here, and it's a time for love, laughter, and sharing with friends and family. However, Bella Hadid remembered that not everyone had experienced this season with fondness, and it holds painful memories for some people.

The supermodel again showed her 56.7 million followers why she won the awards for model of the year and recognition for her humanitarianism. She shared a sweet and heartfelt message for groups of people feeling the pain this season.

Hadid's post came in twos via her Instagram stories; you can see them below before they disappear forever.

People Struggle Secretly

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The first group of people Hadid sent love to include mentally unstable folks, grievers, people separated from their loved ones, financially struggling people, dysfunctional families, and mentally exhausted people.

As someone who's struggled with anxiety and other mental health concerns, that was a thoughtful message from Hadid, and it came from a place of experience. A few days before the holiday, the world lost Stephen "tWitch" Boss to suicide, although he appeared chirper than ever on social media.

That reminded fellow entertainers that people could appear perfect yet struggle in their private lives.

Love To Those Struggling This Holiday

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instagramStories | Bella Hadid

Hadid's second post had more people on the list of those struggling this season, including physically ill people, overworked individuals, lonely people, and those who aren't feeling Merry and Bright.

Seeing everyone chirper and excited during the holidays when you're feeling down can be nerve-wracking, but a beautiful message like Hadid's post reminds such people they aren't alone. The model is a compassionate woman and never fails to stand up for the oppressed and marginalized.

Always The Advocate

Last month, she celebrated Native American Heritage Month by reflecting on the light of Native Americans living in the US. She highlighted the problem of discriminatory water provision from corporations saying race is the "strongest predictor of water and sanitation access in the country."

Hadid implored her followers to shed light on the discrimination against Native Americans and the lack of federal investment.

Model Of The Year

After walking in over a hundred shows this year (from Jan. - Dec.) Hadid emerged as the 2022 Model of the Year. A montage of her best work this year posted to her Instagram account cleared every doubt about her accolade.

She's also a fan favorite for being a hard worker despite her privilege of birth. She covered several publications, including Vogue USA, where she revealed parts of herself previously hidden from the public, including her mental health and body image struggles.