Living On The Edge: Tom Cruise Talks About His Most Dangerous Stunt Yet

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Tom Cruise
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When you hear Tom Cruise, the first thing that comes to mind is his impressive and very dangerous stunts which he pulls off in his action movies. The award-winning actor is not a stranger to performing his stunts, as he has revealed in the past, and now he's coming clean about his most tasking stunt yet, and it'll leave you on the edge of your seat.

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BTS From Mission Impossible

The 60-year-old actor shared some behind-the-scenes footage from Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One and fans expressed their surprise seeing him still doing his own stunts.

Cruise posted a video of him jumping out of a plane and also driving a motorcycle off a cliff as he wrote, "This is far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted, we're going to shoot it in Norway, and it will be a motorcycle jump off a cliff into a base jump." Information from the video showed that the star did over 13,000 motocross jumps and 500 skydives from moving planes.

Encomiums From The Stunt Coordinator

Wade Eastwood, who is the stunt coordinator for the project, walks us through the whole process of Cruise shooting the film and explains that the actor has to study and train to finetune his skills and has had "a year of base training, advanced sky-dive training, a lot of canopy skills, a lot of tracking."

It's clear from the video that Cruise took his time and performed these jumps and stunts like a programmed machine, and it's so awesome to see.

From The Coach's Desk

Tom Cruise
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Cruise's stunt coach Miles Daisher also had powerful words to describe the actor. He called him an amazing individual dedicated to doing his stunts and has a high awareness on set.

"You tell him something, and he just locks it in," he continued, describing his sense of spatial awareness and adding that " he is the most aware person he has ever met."

You can see from the video as he carefully takes instructions from his coach and every expert on set as he executes them in different takes.

Talking About The Most Challenging Parts

The director and writer for the project revealed the most difficult parts of bringing the scenes to life, especially the stunt, which according to them, is just one part of the technical hurdles they needed to cross and referred to the second as where to place the cameras for the right angle.

“The other is putting a camera in place that you can see where Tom is doing it. Finding the right lens, the right platform, the right medium. Even two years ago, the cameras didn’t exist that would allow us to do what we are trying to do today.”

A lot has gone into this blockbuster movie which will come in theatres by July 14, 2023.