Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Adorable Throwback of Daughter Carys Channeling Wednesday Addams

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter Carys
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A throwback video on Catherine Zeta-Jones' Instagram feed showed fans that the actress trained to be Morticia Addams all her life. She compared her eldest child Carys to Morticia's iconic daughter Wednesday thus proving the role was made for her.

It's little wonder Zeta-Jones nailed the role to critical acclaim - she's had lifelong practice! The actress is one of many who've played the Tim Burton character, and she had big shoes to fill, especially Anjelica Huston being the most recent person to embody the role.

Since its release last month, the Netflix series Wednesday has broken records and remains in the platform's Top Ten Most Streamed series worldwide.

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A Real-Life Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams with The Thing
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The video showed Carys as a pre-teen in a school recital where everyone dressed in costumes, and she chose a white and black striped long-sleeve shirt with gothic makeup. The young girl refused to sing along with her mates and even made sarcastic faces at her mother, who recorded the entire scene.

It's a very Wednesday thing to do, and Zeta-Jones noted it in her caption, saying she's had a real-life Wednesday Addams for 19 years and 9 months. The actress then affirmed her love for the teenager in a Morticia way, saying,

"Morticia and I love you, my little rain cloud."

Still Teasing Her Fans

Zeta-Jones hasn't left the character behind, as she nearly gave her 4.8 million followers a heart attack with her sarcastic post saying Wednesday was dead. The first few sentences suggested that Netflix axed the show or the character died in the upcoming second season.

However, she allayed their feats with the concluding phrase, "Hello Thursday," thus confirming she was talking about the day of the week and not the character or the show. Way to go, Morticia.

Still Not Over Morticia

Meanwhile, the Legend of Zorro actress can't get her character's slayed look out of her mind, nor can we. She takes every opportunity to show off her costume and behind-the-scenes shots from the hit TV series.

Unlike Huston's portrayal of the character who wore matte red lipstick, Zeta-Jones wore matte black lip coloring. They had the same signature figure-hugging long black dress and sleek black hair with a profound love for their family.

However, the series focused on Jenna Ortega's Wednesday, who attended a boarding school for gifted children. That meant we had limited scenes with Zeta-Jones' Morticia. Since the duo made up at the end of the series, it's safe to assume we'd see more of her in the second season.

Getting A New Look

Zeta-Jones switched her look for the Disney Plus adventure series National Treasure leading to mixed reactions from her fans. The actress sported a platinum blonde bob for the first time in her career, making some of her fans meltdown over her transformation.

However, she assured them that it was a wig and there was no need to panic about whether the change was a mid-life crisis reflection. Others promised Zeta-Jones that they supported her no matter what saying it wasn't a big deal if she truly switched up her look.