Incredible Footage of Moose Shedding Antlers – See It for Yourself

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of a Moose
Unsplash | Colin + Meg

Who knew moose shed their antlers? Well, an Alaska family got the opportunity to see the moose shed both antlers simultaneously thanks to their security camera. In the now-viral video shared by TikToker Tyra Bogert who was headed to his sister's place should the lights go out, her Ring camera sent her a notification as she and her niece were browsing TikTok.

A motion was detected by the camera, which was mounted at the front entrance. Bogert was curious and clicked the notice to view a "one-in-a-million" event live. The antlers of a passing moose snapped off with a loud "pop" of what had transpired, the animal was terrified and fled fast.

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Bogart Was Taken Unaware

Bogert could not accept what she had seen take place in real time. When her husband Chance, who was at work, contacted her shortly after to inquire about the person at the door, she requested he watch the footage, she tells TODAY.

"He's like, 'I don't think there's any video of a moose shedding his antlers and the fact that you had both of them drop at the same time... I don't think that's ever been recorded."

Hilarious Response From TikTok Users

Moose shedding both antlers seen on a doorbell camera, the family's caption for the TikTok post read. The video had 233 thousand views and comments, making it a viral hit. TikTok viewers can't stop laughing as they post their reactions to the now-viral video in the comments section.

why is my head so itchy wiggle wiggle oh crrrap mom's gonna be mad.. lost my antlers ! what a magnificent sight to catch Not me wondering if they have a headache and then instant relief 🤣🤣 I love that his own antlers scared him 😅

Fans Get To See The Sheds

In response to a remark by one of the Tiktokers that said, "Bro, we gotta see the sheds, I'm begging you," the family uploaded a follow-up TikTok video.

Chance can be seen picking up the antlers and displaying them to the Ring camera in the video. He says about the number of spikes on the antlers, "three and two."

With so many views, the video has also become popular online.

Fun Fact About Moose

Unsplash | Shivam Kumar

Each year, after breeding season, males often shed their antlers in the middle of winter. Weeks later, the growth of new antlers starts. According to National Geographic, moose frequently only lose one antler at a time, so it's unusual to witness both falls simultaneously, as in the video.