Age Isn’t Everything: Woman Defends 17-Year Age Gap in Marriage

Chisom Ndianefo
Tanya and Josue
TikTok | TikTok

TikTok is surely the place for unraveling drama and chaos. A couple has gone viral on the app over the age gap in their union and the huge difference in their physical compatibility (according to TikTokers).

Well, one of the pair is speaking up and putting the negative opinions very far behind her. We can't get enough of this, and we're sure you'll love the gossip.

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The Age-Gap Issue

Tanya, 41, and Josue, 23, are a married couple with a whopping 17-year difference between them and have gathered a massive following of about 400,000 on TikTok where they share regular posts about their lives to overwhelming support and knocks from their followers.

They also post about the criticisms they get due to the huge age gap between them, with some going as far as claiming Josue is "too pretty" for her, and it seems they enjoy the attention.

Reacting To Critics

Several comments like “I thought that was her son” or “Is she his mother?” appear randomly under the couple's videos which they always address with jokes using trending TikTok funny sounds that even pull more views to their posts.

One particular viral video which has gathered over 8 million views shows a caption on the screen,

“when we’re in public and somebody says ‘omg is that his mom?" and then Josue walks up to the camera and asks “do we have a problem?”

Another video posted on the account in May 2022 gives a deeper perspective into their relationship as they cited that their ages don't define their love.

“I’m 41 and he’s 23 but our ages do not define our relationship,” the text reads. “Our differences make our love unique.”

A Supportive Couple

Amidst all the heat, one thing is certain and that is the love and support the pair have for each other. Comments from Tanya claimed that Josue convinces her to make the viral videos with him and Josue keeps the same energy on his account as most of his videos are about Tanya.

Tanya also believes astrology is a major factor in their love as Josue is Pisces and he helps keep her rooted, while her Aquarius sign keeps him focused on building a successful future.

They Settle Their Differences Amicably

Tanya And Josue
TikTok | TikTok

Tanya also revealed they settle their difference in the best way possible even though they've been toxic, Josue has never laid hands on her or abused her.

“We argue, but he never lets me go to sleep angry. We’ve been toxic but he’s never touched me,” she called Josue her angel. “He’s my guardian Angel and my soul mate.”

Well, they're surely not alone in all of these as they've been receiving tons of love and support from other age-gap couples for standing up to the hate.