30 Funny Baby Yoda Memes That Remind Us Why He's Still The Best

Ashley Hunte
A Baby Yoda toy on a log.
Unsplash | Jimmy Nguyen

Back in 2019 with the release of the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, fans were introduced to Grogu for the first time. Of course, back then we just knew him as Baby Yoda (despite not actually being related to the real Yoda, apart from being the same race).

Late 2019 and early 2020 were the time for Baby Yoda memes, and all of them were simply hilarious. Though a few years have passed already, it almost seems like just yesterday the internet was obsessed with Baby Yoda. That's why it's nice to look back and remember the good old days of the adorable, hilarious meme. With that said, here are some of the funniest Baby Yoda memes the internet has had to offer.

Merry Christmas From Grogu!

It's kind of amazing how, for those of us who celebrate Christmas, we almost all had that one relative (usually our mom) who did this. Maybe you're the cocoa-sipping relative on Christmas morning now!

Classic Baby Yoda.

He looks cute and eats frogs. Can they make it any more obvious?

And This Is Why Baby Yoda Doesn't Know How To Fix A Car.

Long Live The King!

Back in the day, those Baby Yoda memes really felt like some kind of religion (or a cult, honestly).

This About Sums It Up.

Let's be real, most of us had very little interest in Star Wars before the memes.

License To Chill.

He would make the cutest secret agent, don't you think?

If You Know, You Know.

That classic SpongeBob episode was a staple for us Millennials.

How Can You Say No To That Face?

Brb, gotta go to the store to get more cookies.

It's How We All Felt When We First Saw Him.

Nothing bad can ever happen to him.

From Fresh Faced To Freshly Grayed.

Hard To Believe They're The Same Age.

It's kind of weird to think that the so-called baby we've been stanning is half a century old. But like Paul Rudd, he's aging surprisingly well.

Happy To Help!

Classic Dog Reaction.

And they get food every time.

Can't Imagine Life Without Him.

It's kind of hard to remember what life pre-Baby Yoda was like.

How You Feel After Your First Cup Of The Day

Work Really Ages The Soul.

No matter how relaxing your vacation is, getting back to work always makes it feel like you've lost a couple of years off your lifespan.

"You Can't Control Me, Mom!"

She's right, of course.

Bow Down For The New King!

The Lion King remake would've been 1000 times better if Baby Yoda was in it.

A Baby Of Many Talents.

Classic Parenting Moment.

More Than Meets The Eye.

He's really not as innocent as everyone makes him out to be, let's face it.

That Christmas Morning Feeling.

Waiting to open all those presents is almost impossible when you're a kid.

Same Energy, Really.

Got Turned Away Every Time.

You know you're not fooling anyone.

The Power Of Filters.

Reminder to never believe everything you see on social media. So many influencers look way different in real life compared to their posts.

Ginger Ale And 'The Price Is Right' All Day, Baby!

As long as your fake illness was convincing, of course.

But It's Just So Good!

It's not like that $7 is gonna get you very far, anyway...

They're Basically The Same Picture.

The Jig Is Up...

And that's how we all find out the truth about Santa Claus...

Nothing To See Here.

Oh yeah, totally innocent.

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