Salma Hayek Shares Christmas Tradition That Keeps Her Children Humble

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Salma Hayek
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For most celebrities being in the spotlight constantly is not something that they look forward to, unfortunately for them, the level of attention and media coverage they get, more often than not extends to their children as well. While a few celebrities completely shun their kids away from it, others are more open to the same. 56-year-old Salma Hayek is more than happy to bring her children along with her to red-carpet events, but at the same time, the 'Desperado' star understands the pitfalls that come with having extremely rich and successful parents and in a recent interview revealed the holiday tradition she enforces to make sure her children do not take their privileges for granted.

A Big Family

Salma Hayek
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Hayek has been married to business mogul Francois-Henri Pinault since 2009 now. The 'Grown Ups' star always wanted a big family and has four kids with her husband, daughter Valentina Paloma, 15, and stepkids Augustin, 16, Mathilde, 21, and Francois, 24. The 56-year-old actress revealed that she had always wanted a big family and found it to be a blessing in disguise that her husband had three children prior to meeting her. In a 2017 interview, she said, "I always wanted to have a lot of children, and I was not able to. My body, as a miracle, had one."

Character Development

Given that they're children of a billionaire, most would expect that Valentina Paloma, Augustin, Mathilde, and Francois would receive anything their hearts desired for Christmas, however that is not the case. Hayek in a recent interview revealed why she does not allow her children to receive fancy gifts for Christmas and how that has shaped their character.

Christmas Traditions

In a recent interview, Hayek said, "My kids are humble. I don't know how I did it, but I think thats what was great is that they have a big spectrum of things. So for Christmas, I like them to open millions of presents, but some of them are very small and meaningful, some of them are very silly and playful and then they get one or two really nice ones."

Born Into Billions

Hayek's husband, François-Henri Pinault is the chairman and CEO of Kerring, a fashion conglomerate that owns brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. Pinault took over from his father in 2005 and has since grown the conglomerate from strength to strength in the 17 years that he has been in charge.