'DWTS' Fans Swear to "Never Watch Again" After Shocking Len Goodman News

Ashabi Azeez
Len Goodman
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Dancing with the Stars will no longer be the same again after Len Goodman revealed shocking news. After 17 years of being a DWTS judge, Goodman disclosed that he is leaving the show. Not only has this news left many in sadness, but some DWTS fans have also threatened that they will never watch the show again after Goodman leaves.

Goodman Retires From The DWTS show

Goodman's presence In the DWTS show has made the show a memorable one. However, the finale won't be the same without Goodman who has made his retirement known. The head judge who has been on the show since 2005 revealed during his series that this would be his last season judging on the show.

According to Delish, the media star shared that it has been a huge pleasure to be on the Dancing With The Stars show. However, he has decided to spend more time with his grandchildren and family back in Britain. The DWTS judge was thankful for the wonderful experience he had while on the show and revealed that he is looking forward to next week's finale. Although he is sure that it is going to be brilliant.   

Tyra Banks Thanked Goodman For His Time On 'DWTS'

Len Goodman

Amid the performances, America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks took some time to speak about Goodman's retirement. Banks disclosed that the 78-year-old has seen more than 3,000 routines during his time on the Dancing with the Stars show. Also, she thanked Goodman for being a part of the DWTS show for so long and wished him the best.

There was a standing ovation for the outgoing judge as their fellow judges fought hard to hold back their tears while applauding him. The co-judges took turns hugging the outgoing judge and it's no doubt that the iconic DWTS judge will be missed.

'DWTS' Devastated Fans Rants On Twitter

Reactions to the news of Goodman's retirement have shown that many of the DWTS fans are sad about his exit from the show. There have been mixed reactions and comments on Twitter. A fan threatened not to watch the show anymore saying that the show has been ruined by Goodman's absence. 

Another person wrote, "Oh! No! The show will not be the same without you. I wish you were staying". Still in the reaction, another fan described Goodman as the best judge ever and revealed that he will truly be missed. In tears, the fan wished him good health and happiness as he retires from the show. A fan with the comment replied, "can't hold back my tears" and got emotional hearing the news.

Goodman's Possible Replacement On The 'DWTS' Show Has Been Revealed

Sources have revealed that there is a possible replacement for Goodman's seat, Motsi Mabus. A DWTS insider has told The Sun that the excellent candidate to replace the outgoing judge is 41-year-old Mabus.

Also revealed was that she was going to bring a new perspective to the Dancing with the Stars show and much-needed diversity. An insider described Mabus as a very outspoken person with a lively character stating that she will bring a fresh vibe to the show.