Michelle Obama Reveals Why She Reversed Her Stance on Daughters Getting Tattooed

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Michelle Obama
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The former first woman turned author Michelle Obama has written not one but three books so far. In all three of her books, Obama shares her experience of being a mother and how she and her husband did their best to make sure that both Malia and Sasha turn out to be, above all, good people. Naturally, as all parents do, Michelle Obama had a few ground rules that she did not want her children to break. Over time, the former first lady admits that modifying these rules according to the times we live in is more important than being rigid with them.

Exploring Individuality

Michelle Obama
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Ever since they left the White House, Michelle has been featured often in different magazines sharing her thoughts on different issues. One of the most impactful pieces written by her was for People magazine in 2019 where she spoke about raising women. In the article, the former first lady said, that in the world there are a number of forces trying to dim the flame inside the daughters. She went on to share how being a supportive parent encouraging individuality becomes crucial in such circumstances.

Tattoos Are a Big No

The 58-year-old recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she spoke about the rule on tattoos in her house and why she softened her stance on it. The mother of two stated that her children were not allowed to get tattoos and that if they got it, she and her husband planned on getting the exact same tattoo so as to make it uncool.

Reversing Her Stance

In the same interview, the former first lady revealed why she rolled back her stance on tattoos. She said, "We need to create a broader definition of who's American, who counts, what beauty is. It only helps our kids. We don't know who they're going to become and we want to make sure there's a space for them, whoever they choose to be. Most kids who are wearing tattoos and piercings, they've got long nails. Their value system is about individuality.”

Launch Of a New Book

The 58-year-old appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her new book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times. The book shares tools, tips, and tricks that Obama uses to overcome feelings of fear, helplessness, and self-doubt. This book comes four years after her most successful book to date, Becoming which was launched in 2018.