Get a Sneak Peek at Lily Collins' 'Emily in Paris' Season Three Wardrobe Collection

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Lily Collins showing favorite outfit from Emily in Paris Season 3
youtube | Vogue France

When Emily in Paris first hit the screens in 2020, viewers were delighted to watch how the main character Emily, played by Lily Collins, got hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris. Following the series's release, it was a huge success, and Netflix soon renewed the show for a second season. Emily in Paris Season Two was finally released in December 2022, and like the first, it received much praise from viewers. 

One year after season two hit the screens, Emily in Paris Season Three has premiered, and fans are excited about what Lily's character, Emily, will be bringing to the screens. But the storyline won't be the only thing viewers will be looking out for, as Emily has captured fans' hearts with her clothing choices in the previous seasons. Here are some details about Lily's character's wardrobe collection in season three.

Lily Speaks About How Emily Affords Her Clothing

Recently, Lily answered one question in viewers' minds: How does Emily afford all her clothing? During a chat with Women Wear Daily at the Netflix show's third season's screening in New York City, the actress opened up about how she believed the titular character could afford her ubiquitous wardrobe. She said,

"I love this idea of the suspension of disbelief that this girl just loves fashion so much. I like to think that she and Mindy have a giant storage unit of clothes they share, or maybe Emily does a clothing rental situation."

Lily also threw more light on what to expect from Emily clothing-wise in season three, noting that she will still be bright and bold but a little more sophisticated and pared down.

Lily Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Emily Character's Wardrobe Collection

Three days ago, Vogue shared a video of Lily sharing a glimpse of her character's wardrobe while on set in France. The wardrobe featured many beautiful and colorful outfits, bags, and shoes. At some point, Lily showed off a gorgeous lavender dress, which she revealed was specially made for her. The actress also noted that she wore it to the lavender party for McClaren.

Lily also explained that in season three, Emily's style went from less adorned in belts and hourglass-shaped outfits to more slim-lined lower waists. The actress also told viewers to expect more of Emily in pants, as there would be more of a French evolution.

Lily's Look To The 'Emily in Paris' New York Screening

A few days ago, Lily took to Instagram to share photos of herself from the Emily in Paris Season Three screening in New York City. The photos showed the actress clad in a white Valentino midi dress. Not only did the dress feature long sleeves and a micro-mini length, but it was covered in glitzy, rhinestone strips of silver and matching bow embellishments.

Lily accessorized her look with a clear umbrella, sheer black tights, Cartier earrings, and silver platform heels. She added the caption:

"Can't rain on that @emilyinparis parade! Now that we've celebrated the NYC premiere - there's only a few more days until you can binge watch it on @Netflix!"

A Glimpse Of Lily's Time In Paris

On December 9, 2022, Lily shared some amazing moments from her time in Paris with her Instagram followers. The short video featured the actress having a good time with some of her co-stars and the Paris press. In the caption, Lily noted that her heart was full of joy, further expressing gratitude to her Emily in Paris family. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the actress.