'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Shares Message After Split With Kody

Ashley Hunte
Meri and Cody recently announced that they've split.
instagram | @therealmeribrown

The Sister Wives fan community has a lot to talk about lately, now that Meri Brown, the first of Kody's wives, has announced that they have parted ways. News broke late last week and was further explained during Sunday's episode of the TLC show, PEOPLE reports.

A day after the episode aired, Meri returned to Instagram, posting a selfie with a rather cryptic message attached to it. Given its timing, it's pretty easy to see why fans believe it's related to the former couple's recent announcement.

Her Post Seemingly Addresses Public Perception.

"Do your thing. Do your thing in your own time and on your own terms," the caption alongside the post reads, in part, "Let them judge you. Let them talk about you. Let them create their own 'stories' about you. Find your courage. Find your strength. Know who YOU are and don't let them tell you any different. Worthy Up, Sister!"

Meri is known for writing lengthy, inspirational captions to accompany her Instagram posts, but this one definitely feels topical to her life right now.

Meri Split From Kody After 32 Years Of Marriage.

Meri was Kody's first wife; the two married in 1990 and stayed in a legal union until 2014. Kody and Meri divorced so that Kody could be legally married to his fourth wife, Robyn. Though divorced, Kody and Meri remained in a spiritual marriage until this year.

News initially broke last week, when an episode preview for Sister Wives: One on One featured Meri discussing how she and Kody have called it quits. Though fans have only heard about it recently, the two have allegedly been separated for months.

Meri Is Now The Third Wife To Have Split From Kody.

Kody is still married to Robyn, while Janelle, Christine, and now Meri have all separated from him.
Wikimedia Commons | Valder Beebe Show [Creative Commons Attribution 3.0]

Between his 1990 wedding and his union in 2014, Kody entered both legal and spiritual marriages with four wives. In late 2021, Christine Brown announced that she and Kody were separating. Earlier this year, Janelle Brown also announced her split with Kody. With Meri now joining them, Kody only has one remaining wife, Robyn.

Meri Revealed That Kodi Was The One Who Decided To End Their Marriage.

In the preview to Sunday's Sister Wives: One on One episode, as well as the episode itself, Meri confessed that Kody did not feel married to her. This came about as she was discussing his reaction to Christine leaving her marriage with Kody. Meri admitted that she and Kody had not been experiencing romantic feelings for a number of years.

Kody initially did not want to go public with their breakup and has yet to address it publicly.