Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Receive Unlikely Ally for Tell-All Documentary

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
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Earlier this month, Prince Harry and his Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex, released their documentary on Netflix that dived deeper into the reasons that made them step away from the royal life and move across the Atlantic Ocean in order to find peace and solace. The first of the two parts of the documentary was released on December 8 and the second part on December 15. Needless to say, the documentary rattled a lot of feathers, especially in the United Kingdom.

An Unlikely Ally

While a huge portion of Britain including prominent figures have turned against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Matt Dawson, a member of England's 2003 Rugby winning side, shared his thoughts on why he decided to give the pair a second chance. He said, "In the first 10 minutes I was thinking, ‘Oh no, this is like a woe is me type doc.’" The former scrum-half then went on to share the one line in the documentary that completely flipped the switch for him. When Markle said, "The past six years of my life, books are written about our story from people who I don’t know. Doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” It compelled Dawson to give them another chance.

Their Story

The 50-year-old continued, "I just thought, do you know what, in their environment and where everyone is going to have a view of Harry because he is a bit of an adopted son to everybody after what happened in the past. We all want to know what they are like, so why don’t we just get to see what they are like. It is what it is, but at least it’s in their voice.”

The Reception So Far

Given that the documentary did not paint the monarchy and the Royal Family in good light, there were a lot of harsh words uttered against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly from popular talk show hosts such as Piers Morgan among others. At this point in time, the Royal Family has not released an official statement regarding the documentary.

A Damaged Relationship

Prince William
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In the documentary, Prince Harry shared several instances where he had intense arguments with his elder brother. Reports suggest that since the release of the documentary the relationship between the two has been completely shattered with Prince William having no intention of ever speaking to his brother again.