DC Shuts Down 'Wonder Woman 3' After New Bosses Take Over

Chisom Ndianefo
DC's Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot in the Golden Suit
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There's bad news for the fanatics of New Themiscyra as DC won't move forward with Wonder Woman 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthe Director's vision doesn't sync with DCEU's movie universe. That's not the first sad news from the DC camp after onboarding two new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran. 

This comes after news of Safran and Gunn axing Henry Cavill as Superman making fans fear for the future of the DCEU. There's no more doubt about the incoming overhaul of the movie. 

Here's what we know. 

Say Goodbye To 'Wonder Woman 3'

There's confusion in the DC camp because Gal Gadot, the titular character for the superhero franchise, teased a third movie's release earlier this month. The actress posted a picture of herself in costume via Instagram as she reminisced on her journey as the princess of Themyscira. 

Gadot then hinted that something was coming with the sentence,

"I can't wait to share her next chapter with you."

Patty Jenkins, the Wonder Woman director, presented her treatment for the third installment but the DC bosses shut that down. 

The 8 - 10 Years Plan

The new CEOs, Gunn and Safran, presented their 8 - 10 years plan for the DCEU, including TV, animation, and feature films. They reportedly want to make DC as big as its potential rather than the disappointing movies we've received in the past ten years.

According to the duo, they've spoken with some of the best thinkers in the industry to tell one big story across films, animation, and TV shows. In other words, they're mimicking the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it's a proven formula, unlike DC's several hits and misses.

A New Direction For DC Movies

James Gunn at the Suicide Squad Premiere
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James Gunn has experience with such a large-scale franchise as he produced Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel and later The Suicide Squad for DC. Gunn and Safran aren't taking on these new projects alone as they'll report to David Zaslav.

During the town hall, Gunn assured the fans that the new team is doing everything for their love of the characters and potential so, they want fans to rest assured.

What Does This Mean For Gal Gadot?

We're unsure what this means for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, a role she's played for the last six years.

With the third film, dead in the water, there's no assurance that she'll return as Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. If the DCEU brings someone else on board, there's no telling how the fans would react.

As it stands, Wonder Woman is one of the DCEU's highest-grossing movies, with the first installment raking in $821.84 million against $150 million.