Newly Married Woman's Viral TikTok Shows Handsy Bridesmaid: Fans Warn Her It's A Red Flag

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Recently, Heather, a newly married woman and TikToker, went viral after blowing the whistle on a handsy member of her bridal party. She shared some clips from her wedding day, which showed the unnamed brunette bridesmaid holding her new husband's hand and posing near his crotch. The photos have since garnered millions of reactions from netizens, with most insisting that there is more to it. Here are the details.

Inside The Viral Post

Heather and her husband, Travis, tied the knot in October 2022, and it wasn't until recently that the couple received their wedding photos. After the pictures arrived, the new bride took to her now-deleted TikTok account, @heatherlynn6977, to reveal something she noticed after taking a closer look at the snaps. In the chaotic clip, the maid of honor could be seen standing to the groom's left and linking arms with him.

Another photo showed the same bridesmaid placing her hand near Travis's groin area. Although the snaps seemed suspicious to many, Heather didn't consider them serious. Instead, the TikToker joked about getting a "sister wife" and even further explained that the bridesmaid was nervous, unstable in her heels, and a bit drunk.

Netizens Disagree With Heather's Words

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While Heather maintained that there was nothing suspicious about the photos, TikToker users thought otherwise. Most of them were of the notion that it was a red flag. According to one user, the whole situation seemed worse. The TikToker further mentioned that the bridesmaid's overindulgence in wine didn't cause Travis's facial expression.

A second TikToker noted that if they were in Heather's shoes, they would get a new husband, friend, and sister. A third user admitted that she would have lost it, while a fourth asked if the bridesmaid didn't get the memo that she wasn't the bride.

Travis Explains The Situation

In a second video featuring Travis and Heather, the couple addressed the comments from the fans. Like Heather had previously mentioned, the couple maintained that the bridesmaid was a family friend who lost her balance when the photographer asked the group to strike a silly pose. Travis spoke directly to the TikTokers, noting that he was sorry to disappoint those he believed "wanted him to be a cheater and the bridesmaid to be a homewrecker."

TikTokers Maintain Their Stance

Irrespective of how much explanation the couple put out, some TikTok users remained unconvinced. One user noted that the couple's side of the story didn't explain why the bridesmaid was locking arms with the groom. Another TikToker asked Heather to tag her when she finally finds out that Travis is unfaithful, while a third noted that she was waiting for the couple's divorce announcement.

But despite all the negative comments, Travis and Heather thanked everyone, noting that all the reactions were super funny.