Woman Loses It On Sister For Going Against Her Parenting Rules For Autistic Son

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Raising a child with a disability can be a lot for many parents to handle. There are many things that parents of children with disabilities do differently because they are catering to the needs of their child and their child's disability. Many other parents may think that the rules and regulations are strict and crazy, but in reality, they are doing what is best for their children and their needs. It doesn't really matter much what others say, as long as their child is satisfied and happy.

One Mother Shared That Her Sister Decided To Go On Off Her Own 'Rules' When Babysitting her Autistic Son

Sister Angry Over Babysitting Rules
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Mom Upset Over Sisters Babysitting rules
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The Mom Shard She Has Strict Rules For Her Autistic Son

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The mom shared on Reddit that her son was diagnosed with Autism when he was only 2. Having a brother with Autism, she has learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. She shared that her brother is addicted to screens and cannot go anywhere without them, so she had decided early on to do away with all screens in their home. They have no TVs, don't use computers actively, and even have flip phones.

They also are very particular about their son's diet. Early on, she wanted to ensure that eating would not be an issue so she kept fast food out of her son's life. She made sure that he would be open to eating healthy foods and they were successful—although her son is very particular about his meals still.

When her sister babysat her son, she made dinner for him before she left. However, the mom was truly angry when she came home and saw that her sister was eating McDonald's and watching movies on her iPhone with her son. She told her sister she cannot see her son for a while—as the impacts were long-lasting.

Reddit Users Said The Mom Was 100% Right For Her Feelings

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While some felt that she may be harsh, others commented saying they completely see what she is trying to do for her child. Doctors and other professionals have given advice and also recommended the lifestyle she had set for her son, so clearly, she was doing a service for her son.

Others Said Her Sister Was Wrong For Questioning Her Parenting

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Reddit users also felt like her sister was wrong for just deciding to change the rules of parenting a child that is not hers.

Many Even Applauded The Mother's Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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