The Internet Is Divided After A Man Gets Himself Banned For Life From A Pub

Ashley Hunte
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If you've ever been to a bar, pub, or club, you'll know that the bouncers can be pretty aggressive. Many times, they have every right to be that way. But other times, it seems like they might just be on a weird power trip.

A Reddit user by the name of Vemedetti got himself banned from a pub recently. What started out as a ban for the day ended up as a ban for life, after having a pretty negative run-in with the bouncer. Now, he's wondering if his actions really warranted his ban for life, or if the bouncer was just overreacting. He went to the AITA sub for answers.

The User Shared His Short But Eventful Story.

The user shares his story.
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It Seems He Was Just Waiting To Use The Bathroom.

A group of people crowding around a bar.
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The user went to a bar one evening and really had to use the bathroom at one point. When he went to check the line, it was incredibly long. So he went back and forth a few times to see if the line was any shorter, and it wasn't.

After a while, the pub's bouncer began to take notice and asked him what he was doing coming from the bathroom so many times. OP somewhat sarcastically told him he was just trying to pee. The bouncer then started yelling and tells OP not to "give him cheek." After trying to get the bouncer to calm down, the bouncer decided to kick OP out of the pub. OP lashed out and said some insulting things, which got his ban for the day escalated into a ban for life.

Commenters Were Pretty Divided About This.

Some users felt OP was in the wrong.
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Some users felt that, because bouncers have a reputation for being pretty aggressive, OP was wrong to escalate the situation. Sometimes, you just have to accept whatever a bouncer tells you.

Many Felt The Bouncer Was Just Doing His Job.

The bouncer was just doing his job.
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OP was acting somewhat suspiciously, so many commenters argued that the bouncer was right to be wary. Many took issue with the fact that, rather than just answer his question, OP decided to be sarcastic instead. It all could've been avoided if OP was just a bit more polite.

Others Felt That The Bouncer Was On A Power Trip.

Some felt OP was being "servile."
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While bouncers do have the right to kick people out when they're being belligerent or suspicious, plenty of commenters felt that the bouncer in OP's story was just on a power trip. They felt that OP was in the right when he refused to just back down.