Daughter Sues Father Who Left Dogs Unattended In Her House

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Excerpt from the reddit post.

If you have the means to help your family out, even just a little, they'll undoubtedly appreciate it. But that doesn't mean you should let them walk all over you. Some family members need to recognize that their entire lives aren't your responsibility, even if they feel you "owe" them.

A woman on Reddit recently sued her father after he left his dogs unattended in her house. The poor pups ended up destroying much of the woman's house, which caused thousands of dollars in damages. The father is upset over being sued, which has the woman asking the AITA community if she's wrong to do so.

User Willing_Specific_198 Shares Her Story.

The user shares her story.
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The story continues.
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OP Would Often Take Care Of Her Parents' Dogs.

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OP shares that her mother passed away about a year ago and her father got remarried quickly afterward, to a much younger wife. The parents would frequently go on trips, and the mother would arrange to drop the dogs off at OP's house. OP would make sure that she or her boyfriend would be home within a few hours to keep the dogs company, feed them, and take them on walks.

The father and his new wife went on a trip, and he never called the daughter or let her know. He dropped the dogs off at OP's house while she was out of town. A day later, OP's neighbor called to let her know there was howling coming out of her house. She called her dad, who got his 16-year-old stepson to pick the dogs up.

When OP came home, she found that thousands of dollars worth of damage had been done by the dogs. She told her dad he had to pay for the damages, to which he agreed. But months later, OP didn't see a dime. So, she sued him for double the damages. The father and his new wife are both incredibly upset, claiming that this is too harsh. OP also notes that her dad bought a new car after the damage had been done.

Commenters Agreed That OP Was In The Right.

Users argued that OP's dad was in the wrong.
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The dad clearly didn't even think to check with OP because it's something his late wife would always do. Commenters argue that the dad needs to become more responsible, especially as a man approaching 60.

Commenters Also Point Out How The Dad Doesn't See Repaying His Daughter As A Priority.

The dad also entered OP's house without permission.
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Especially not if he managed to buy a new car in the meantime.

The Dad Also Acted Cruelly Toward The Dogs.

Users also claim animal abuse.
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He left dogs unattended in someone else's house for days, even when there was a teenager at his home who could've watched over them. Commenters argue that the dad should be charged with animal cruelty, as they did not have access to food, water, or the outdoors.