Reddit Reminds Man It's Wrong To Go To Little Brother's Birthday Party While Drunk

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There are many social rules and etiquette that pretty much go "unspoken." They are the rules that you do not have to really "say" but everyone knows and follows throughout their lives. One of them is about drinking and alcohol consumption before attending an event—especially a family event.

Many people know that it is in poor taste to show up to a family event, especially a kid's event, wasted or drunk. It's not appropriate, and it's also offensive to other people who are attending. Doing so can cause a rift or a divide between you and your family, one that may be hard to fix.

Recently, One Guy Shared on Reddit That He Was Going Through Issues With His Family After Showing Up Drunk at his Little Brother's Birthday

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The Reddit User Shared He's Been Getting Drunk Every Morning for "Months" With His Friends

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The Reddit user said that since they all turned 18 and drinking is now legal for them, he and his friends have been getting drunk every morning. It's a "tradition" for them—although, it seems "weird." He shared he had forgotten that it was his 2-year-old brother's birthday party that day, and he had to attend.

Instead of skipping the party, he showed up to the party drunk and wasted. His mom was very upset and felt as though his actions were extremely offensive. In addition, he has an uncle who is a recovering alcoholic, so she was twice as angry he showed up that way in front of his uncle.

She told her son that he could not speak to the family until he gets his "life sorted out." However, the Reddit user does not feel like he was "that bad" or he did much wrong here.

The Majority of Reddit Users Felt the Guy Was in The Wrong For His Behavior

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Many commented that it is pretty clear for the majority of people that showing up to a family birthday drunk is just wrong. And, others chimed in that showing up anywhere drunk is embarrassing for the person who is drunk—no matter what the event is.

Others Said That This 'Routine' is a Huge Problem

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Other commenters pointed out that just because drinking is legal now, doesn't mean that it should be done every single day. The whole point is that when you get older, you are more responsible and should know better.

Some Even Said That This Sounds Like Alcoholism

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Some commenters were concerned that this behavior sounds like alcoholism and that they were worried about the Reddit user and his behavior.