People Are Annihilating a Mother Who Allowed Her Son to Bring Fast Food To a Wedding Reception

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Going to a wedding is a lot of fun for a wedding guest. Many people look forward to celebrating their friends and family on a day that is magical and special to them. Weddings bring forth the best in people, especially because you get a night of dancing and excellent food. However, not everyone loves what they are serving at the wedding reception, as it can be specific to taste and meat or poultry. When picky eaters attend a wedding, things can be rather challenging for them.

One Mom Shared on Reddit That Her 22-Year-Old Son Did Not Like the Food Served at Her Cousin's Wedding

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The Mother Said She Allowed Him to Leave and Get Fast Food

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The mom shared that her son, who is 22 years old, did not like the food that was being served at her cousin's wedding. She allowed her son to leave the reception and go get some food on his own to bring back. Then, a few people found out he was leaving to go get food and they also wanted him to bring back food for them.

She shared that he did leave and come back with food, and they were seated pretty far from others so it wasn't that big of a deal in her eyes. However, others at the party—their family and even the bride and groom—were angry and upset that this happened. Many people at the wedding felt it was rude and disrespectful to the venue.

People Online Agreed That it Was a Poor Move to Make

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The vast majority of people online said the mom was totally wrong for allowing this to take place. Many said the mom should have arranged for her son to eat beforehand or even made arrangements for different food because the venue can probably accommodate that, as well.

Others Said He Should Have Eaten and Come Back

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Others shared the mom was enabling her son. He could have easily gone to a drive-through, and eaten before he came back, and nothing would have been noticed. Instead, they ignored that the venue most likely had an "outside food and drink" policy that they just ignored and glanced over entirely.

And, Many Also Shared Her Son is Far Too Old for This Nonsense

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There were dozens upon dozens of people online who could not believe that her 22-year-old son refused to eat one thing at a wedding. At that age, it's a bit ridiculous that he couldn't enjoy even pasta at the wedding venue and instead needed to get fast food.