Reddit Disagrees With Dad Who Got Mad When Busy Daughter Refused To Help Him

Ashley Hunte
Excerpt from the reddit post.

The best part about growing up is that you don't have to do everything your parents tell you to do. Sure, you have taxes, bills, and work. But you also have a little bit more freedom.

A dad on Reddit, using an account called daughterthrowAITA, recently posted to the AITA sub. He asked if he was in the wrong for trying to get his adult daughter to help him out, even though she is a PhD candidate with her own things to worry about. The dad is busy as well, which is why he asked for help. But when she refused, it had him wondering.

The User Shares His Story.

The user shares some clarifications before the story.
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The user shares the rest of his story.
reddit | daughterthrowAITA

OP's Daughter Is Grown Up And In A PhD Program.

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The daughter, 28, had been spending time at home while also grading papers for the end of the semester. OP complains that the daughter seems too busy to help out around the house or to even be home for a long period of time.

Last week, OP asked his daughter to exchange a sweater, a gift he'd purchased for his younger daughter that she ended up already having. The older daughter said no because she is too busy grading papers. OP does not want to do it because he works out of the house (while the daughter works from her computer), and will be too tired after work.

Later, OP needed his daughter to pick up a gift for his mother that he'd purchased online, but she once again said she was too busy and refused. OP said he was too busy, so the daughter retorted by saying it'd be done on her own time. OP said she can stay somewhere else for Christmas, to which the daughter said she'd just spend the holiday with her girlfriend's family.

OP admits that he and his younger daughter frequent the sub, so he figured he'd ask the community. His younger daughter is also really mad about the situation.

The Comments Did Not Side With OP At All.

Users disagreed with OP.
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Users felt that, while OP had called his daughter childish, he'd been the childish one all along.

Many Took Issue With His Views On WFH.

They did not like how OP didn't take WFH seriously.
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OP seemed to value his daughter's work less because she worked from home rather than in an office. That was a huge red flag for a lot of commenters.

Commenters Believe OP Needs To Respect His Daughter A Little More.

Users think OP is too harsh on his daughter.
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Commenters didn't like how OP continued to pressure his daughter to do things for him, especially when she was clearly busy.