Margot Robbie Overwhelmed Husband With Homemade Advent Calendar: 25 days Of Gifts

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Margot Robbie
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Margot Robbie is back in the news, just as she makes major headlines for the premiere of her new Babylon movie. The Australian actress has called herself a "Christmas tyrant" who makes her friends work a Mean Girls dance, also dishing that she is gifting her husband 25 presents via an advent calendar she made. Margot was speaking to Jimmy Kimmel this week. On the Wednesday airing, she revealed that she's "struggling" now that it's getting close to Xmas. The 32-year-old also spoke of husband Tom Ackerley and the lucky 25 gifts he can expect this holiday season.

25 Gifts For Her Husband

Margot Robbie
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Host Jimmy kicked things off with a question. "When you say you love it, what in particular? Are you a gift giver? Do you like the tradition?" he asked. With plenty to answer, Margot replied,

"All of it. I love Christmas food, putting up the Christmas tree, I love Christmas music, I love buying gifts. I definitely overdid it this year. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and this year I decided to make my husband an advent calendar where I'd give him a gift every day." Margot did, however, say that her advent calendar was a step up from the one Jimmy was prepping for his family.

"I handmade it. I burnt myself with a hot glue gun. Anyways, it's a whole thing," she continued.

Hides One Present A Day

Margot then revealed that there's a process. She hides one gift per day and is even up "at midnight" dashing around the house in an attempt to hide the presents. She said that they "started off big and amazing," but that now, she's super "running" out of "things to give him." The actress was on the ABC show to promote Babylon, costarring Brad Pitt and Olivia Wilde.

Married Since 2016

Margot has been married to Tom since 2016 and has been with the British film producer since 2014. The two first met one year earlier on the set of a movie where Tom was an assistant director. They are also co-founders of a production company.

A Let-Down?

While admitting that she is struggling towards the end of the advent calendar, Margot joked,

"It's just ...Christmas is going to be such a letdown this year. It's just going to be like, 'Here's a candy cane.'" Margot does not often discuss her marriage publicly, so for fans, this is likely a treat!