Kate Hudson Shares Why She's "The Confrontational One" At Family Christmas Dinner

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Kate Hudson
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There's no place like home for the holidays — or so they say. But as most will attest to, being home for the holidays can sometimes feel a bit like a holly jolly warzone.

At least that's how it is for Kate Hudson and her family. During a recent appearance on LIVE Kelly & Ryan, Kate dished about what a typical holiday celebration with her family is like, and why she's come to be known as "the confrontational one" in the family.

Kate Hudson Is Gearing Up For The Holidays.

Kate Hudsin wearing a yellow dress while making an appearance on 'LIVE Kelly & Ryan'.
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During an appearance on LIVE Kelly & Ryan, Kate Hudson gave Kelly Ripa and her guest-host (and husband), Mark Consuelos, an inside look into life at the Russell/Hawn/Hudson household at Christmas time.

When Kelly asked the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Star who normally comes to visit, Kate replied, "Everybody. All my brothers, all their kids, my parents, all in one house — it's a lot."

"It's Madness, And It's Family Dynamics — It's Everything I Think Most People Have When They Get The Family Together," Kate Explained.

Kate Hudson being interviewed by Kelly Ripa on 'LIVE Kelly & Ryan'.
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Kate clarified that even amid the chaos, it's still the most fun time of the year. After all, fighting with your family at Christmas is precisely what families are supposed to do, she points out.

Wanting to probe deeper, Kelly asked Kate, point blank, whose side she was usually on. "The question is, 'Who's on my side?'" Kate corrected her.

Mark Asked Kate If She Considered Herself To Be The Peacemaker Of The Bunch.

After taking a moment to think, Kate responded by saying that she's more of a communicator than a peacemaker — that she's the first one to attack issues between family members head-on, and that sometimes she can be seen as confrontational. "Like, if someone's doing something I'd be, like, 'We gotta stop this. We need to figure this out,'" Kate said.

On The Other Hand, Kate Revealed That Her Brother, Wyatt, Is The Neutral One — Like Switzerland.

Whereas her brother, Oliver, is usually the one drunk in the corner being loud and boisterous. "It's important to have that one brother that's gonna booze it up with you," Kelly joked.

Lastly, Kate talked about how this Christmas held special meaning because her son, Ryder, will be coming home from college to celebrate the holidays with his whole family. All of the cousins will also be there and everyone is incredibly excited to reconnect; Kate most of all.