Disruptive Passenger Throws Furniture Aboard A Cruise Ship

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Cruise ships are supposed to be fun, but sometimes unruly passengers complicate things. A viral Twitter video now shared on Reddit showed an adult male hauling furniture overboard in a fit of rage!

According to reports, the cruise ferry, MS Baltic Princess, hosted construction workers from Pimura Oy, including their manager. The 25-year-old manager recorded the unruly behavior, which may now lead to criminal charges against the perpetrator.

The employees engaged in full-scale festivities, including drinking alcohol which led to heightened emotions and the eventual criminal act.

The Unruly Partygoer Throws Furniture Above Board And Litters The Ocean

Finnish Media Reveal More Details About The Case Including Criminal Charges

The employee first threw snacks overboard before carting away the ferry's furniture, including a bar table, two barstools, and two chairs. The other partygoers recorded the wild behavior and laughed instead of stopping the man.

More reports from the Finnish media revealed that the partygoers also peed in the sauna, behaved inappropriately at the bar, and did all other wild things.

According to MS Baltic Princess' parent company, Tallink Silja, the unruly party must pay for the furniture they lost and other things they destroyed. As ship furniture, they're expensive, so the unruly group would have to pay for an arm and a leg.

The main culprit is also charged with littering at sea, which is a grave offense and environmental crime.

The Furniture Cost More Than His Salary

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His Actions Didn't Befit A CEO

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Cruise Ships Don't Take Infractions Like That Lightly

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The Onlookers Were As Much Guilty For Enabling Him

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The Redditors Got The Facts Wrong

Reddit users weren't pleased with the partygoers and expressed their displeasure in the subreddit, I am Not A Total Piece of Sh*tOne person said he threw his entire livelihood across the board about the costliness of ship furniture.

The Redditors wrongly said the perpetrator was the company's CEO, but further news revealed he wasn't, although the manager was present. They reprimanded the onlookers as much as the perpetrator because they could've stopped him.

The cushion seat cost about $50,000 talk less than the money he owes in damages. The alcohol in their systems clouded their senses, and they didn't think of the costs they were accumulating with their rowdy actions.

The worst part was they recorded the evidence and gave the authorities ammunition to nail them.

Someone confirmed they were arrested upon return to the states and incurred a felony vandalism charge with the destruction of private property and a permanent ban from the Royal Caribbean for life.