Dakota Johnson Has A Cute Nickname For Stepdad Antonio Banderas

Fatima Araos
Closeup of Dakota Johnson with long center-parted hair
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Dakota Johnson has an endearing nickname for her former stepfather, Antonio Banderas.

The 33-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey star shares a special bond with Banderas, whom her mother, Melanie Griffith, married in 1996 when Johnson was only 6 years old. Griffith and Banderas stayed together for 18 years before finalizing their divorce in 2015.

But even after the split, Johnson maintained close family ties with the Spanish actor. In a recent conversation with E! News, Banderas talked about this bond and the cute nickname his former stepdaughter gave her.

Johnson's Adorable Nickname For Banderas

Antonio Banderas and Dakota Johnson posing together
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“She called me ‘Paponio,’” the Puss in Boots actor told E! News correspondent Francesca Amiker. The name is a combination of Papi, which is a Spanish colloquialism for Dad, and Antonio.

Unfortunately, Banderas said he and Johnson no longer spend much time together and don’t have anything planned for the holidays, explaining that she’s very busy. The last two times he saw her were during work trips at film festivals.

A Sweet Moment At The 2019 Hollywood Film Awards

During his interview, the Desperado star reminisced about another sweet moment he and Johnson shared. He was named Actor of the Year at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards for his role in Pain and Glory, and it was Johnson who presented him with his trophy along with what he described as “one of the most beautiful speeches.”

“So, I was very thankful to know that she thought that about Papi,” he said.

Johnson's Tribute

In her speech, the Suspiria actress talked about how parents remarrying could turn into a nightmare for the kids, but it had been the opposite for her when her mom married Banderas.

“I come from a family of many a marriage and I got very lucky,” she said. “I got a bonus dad who I realized that, over time, is actually one of the most influential people in my whole life. When I was six years old, my mother married a man who brought an unbelievably bright light, a whole new world of creativity and culture and one remarkably magical little sister into our family.”

Banderas' Response

Johnson got teary-eyed as she continued her tribute, describing Banderas as a vibrant and funny person who spoke “abstract” English (that last part elicited laughter from the audience).

He, in turn, dedicated his award to Dakota “for something very simple, because you always call me papi, and still now you call me papi and I love that!” he said.