TikToker Goes Viral After Accidentally Drinking 1000mg Of Caffeine at Panera

Ashley Hunte
Sarah explains how much caffeine is in a Panera drink.
TikTok | @sarahebaus

If you frequent Panera, you've probably heard about their Charged Lemonades. The sugary, caffeinated drinks might give you the boost you need throughout your day, but that doesn't necessarily make them very good for you. Especially not when they contain a lot more caffeine or sugar than you think.

A TikTok user named Sarah (@sarahebaus) took to the platform to warn others of Panera's Charged Lemonades. She went viral after posting her TikTok, as she discussed how she'd been unwittingly consuming around 1000mg of caffeine each day, while working at Panera.

She'd Been Drinking The Lemonade For A While

The user starts out by discussing how she works remotely in a Panera (as in, she takes her laptop to the restaurant and works there, rather than working alone at home). Throughout the day, she'll drink the mango yuzu citrus Charged Lemonade, a drink she knows to be caffeinated. Sarah also mentions how she always feels energized when she works at Panera.

Recently, she and her husband went to Panera together. The husband is a type-1 diabetic and needs to check nutritional information before ordering items, so he knows how to adjust his blood sugar. He wanted a Charged Lemonade and found out that the regular size has 88 grams of sugar, as well as 260 milligrams of caffeine.

Since Panera offers free refills, Sarah would drink around four or five of them in a day. This means that she'd been drinking over 1000mg of caffeine each day. Both amazed and terrified, she decided to make the TikTok to warn others of the high caffeine content of the Charged Lemonades.

The TikTok has reached over 640 thousand viewers since it was uploaded last week.

Shocked To Find Out About The Caffeine Content

Users were sort of worried for Sarah.
TikTok | @sarahebaus

In the TikTok, it was pretty clear that Sarah was feeling the affects of lots of caffeine. Users joked about it, but also worried for Sarah's heart.

TikTokers Were Both Alarmed And Entertained

Users also pointed out how much caffeine it is.
TikTok | @sarahebaus

One even pointed out that Sarah drinks the equivalent of nearly 20 espresso shots in a day.

For the record, the FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine in a single day. Sarah was drinking double and even triple the recommended limit.

The High Caffeine Content Was A Plus For Some

Some just wanted the drink more.
TikTok | @sarahebaus

Some people out there are true caffeine addicts, and really liked the idea of the high caffeine content in the Panera drinks. They're perfectly fine to drink, so long as you do so in moderation.

h/t The Daily Dot