Woman Wants To Uninvite Fiancé's Best Friend from Their Wedding Due to His Disability

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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. You want those who are closest to you to be there and support you and stand by your side while you say "I do." For some people, having a small and intimate wedding is more meaningful than having a huge wedding with 100+ people there. Some individuals decide that having just their close friends and family at their wedding is what counts—even if it's not everyone that they have ever met.

However, there are sometimes when uninviting people seems like the right thing to do, even when it's absolutely not.

One Bride Recently Shared She Uninvited Her Fiancé's Best Friend Over An Issue He Has

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The Bride Shared Her Fiancé's Best Friend Has a Condition Where He 'Zones Out' Often

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Her fiancé's best friend, Calum, has a condition where he stops and zones out for a long, long time. It's called "catatonia." Apparently, her fiancé looks out for Calum whenever this happens. The reason that she does not want him to come to the wedding is that she fears that if it happens at the wedding, her fiancé will have to stop and take care of him, making sure that he is okay.

She did not tell her fiancé about this and instead went right to Calum. She claims the two spoke and that they mutually agreed he should not come because he would be "too much of a distraction." She told her fiancé that Calum declined to attend, rather than telling him that she approached him about not attending. In addition, her family and friends think she is wrong for making someone's disability a reason to not attend her wedding.

Many People Online Dragged the Bride For Her Decision

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Many people said she is absolutely wrong because Calum does have a disability and she is purposely excluding him because of his disability. In addition, they said that she was wrong for telling Calum his disability is the reason he should not attend his best friend's wedding. On top of this, she was not honest with her fiancé.

She Had To Hide What She Did

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Others shared that because she had to keep it a secret from her fiancé, it proves that she knew deep down she was in the wrong. They also said she shouldn't be getting married because she and her significant other are clearly "different people," as in, he is kind and she is not.

Later, After Seeing All of the Negative Posts, the Bride Posted an "Edit"

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