Aubrey Plaza Reminisces About Her Italian Mushroom Trip With Her 'White Lotus' Co-Star

Jordan Claes
Aubrey Plaza on the red carpet. Her body is turned to the side, her hand is on her hip, and she's raising an eyebrow to the camera.
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Italy is a playground for the senses. You can bask in its beautiful scenery, indulge in its delicious food and drink, or in the case of Aubrey Plaza — get lost in the wilderness while high on magic mushrooms.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers, Aubrey went into detail about a hiking trip she took with her co-star, Meghann Fahy. What started off as a simple walk in the woods quickly dissolved into a mind-melding spirit journey for the ages.

The News Of Aubrey And Meghann's Hike First Started Circulating After Meghann Made An Appearance On 'Late Night With Seth Myers'.

Meghann Fahy being interviewed by Seth Myers on 'Late Night With Seth Myers'.
youtube | NBC via Rotten Tomatoes TV

Toward the end of the interview, Seth mentions how he'd heard whispers that Meghann had convinced Aubrey to go hiking with her, while the two were filming Season 2 of The White Lotus in Sicily. Meghann confirmed that they had indeed gone hiking and that during the hike, she somehow managed to get them lost. Ironic, in that, it was a trail Meghann claimed to have hiked before.

One Week Later, Aubrey Was Slated For A 'Late Night' Segment Of Her Own.

Aubrey Plaza in a blue strap dress and blonde hair, being interviewed by Seth Myers on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'.
youtube | NBC via Late Night with Seth Myers

Considering how close the appearances of the two co-stars were, Seth thought he'd mention the hiking story to Aubrey in order to gain her insight and perspective on the matter. In doing so, he got Aubrey to reveal a major plot hole in Meghann's story.

"I saw her on your show, 'cause I watch your show, and she left out the most important part — which was that we were on mushrooms."

Aubrey Was Quick To Clarify That They Only Took A Small Amount — But That It Was More Than Enough To Do The Trick.

"I was tripping!" the White Lotus star exclaimed. "It was terrifying. We were lost on a highway and there were Italian men [on scooters] going 'VROOM! VROOM!' coming at me! I thought they were going to take me to the dark side."

After hearing Aubrey's side of the story, Seth pointed out how Meghann's explanation of events made it sound as if Aubrey was being rude to Italian motorists for no reason at all.

"I was tripping balls, b***h."

Seth laughed and commented on how Meghann had clearly left out some major context. Aubrey agreed and went on to talk about how mushrooms can actually be a great aid for depression — just try not to get stuck on the side of the highway in a foreign country while taking them.

For White Lotus fans who can't seem to get their fill of Aubrey's deadpan delivery, you can stream her latest movie, Emily the Criminal, on Netflix now!