Watch This Fast Food Employee Boldly Defend Herself From A Customer's Attack

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The customer is NOT always right, especially when they start getting physical. One fast food employee was brave enough to defend herself from an irate customer who crossed the line and grabbed her at the counter. The girl was quick enough to fight back and throw punches at the angry guy who did not want to let go of his grip.

People on Reddit discuss the viral video and slam the customer for his nasty behavior while giving praise to the quick-acting cashier who gave the guy a good pummeling.

The reason for his frustration - he couldn't find a straw.

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She Had To Defend Herself From A Customer Attack

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In the video posted by u/UNIQUE_9212, the customer can be seen yelling at the employee, who was behind the counter. He grabbed her shirt to pull her closer but the girl quickly went into self-defense mode and started throwing punches.

Other staff stepped in to break up the brawl but the customer had a tight grip on the girl. More people intervened and eventually subdued the two. But, the angry man wasn't done just yet and continued snapping at other employees.

Watch the whole confrontation here.

The Dispute Was Over Plastic Straws

The incident happened at a McDonald's branch in St. Petersburg, Florida, during New Year's Eve a couple of years ago. The man, who was later identified to be Daniel Willis Taylor, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for two counts of battery.

Aside from yanking the woman on the counter, court documents say that he also assaulted another woman on the way out of the restaurant. He kicked the employee in the stomach while he was being escorted out.

All this was because he couldn't find a straw, The Washington Post reports. According to eyewitness Brenda Biandudi, "When the man saw there were no plastic straws, he got upset — and began walking back to the counter to berate a cashier."

The cashier, Yasmine James, informed him of the plastic straw ordinance that had recently taken effect but the customer didn't believe her and things quickly escalated. Before the viral collar grab, he also yelled profanity-laced insults that were not caught on camera.

“It was the right thing to do. Some people say the customer’s always right. [The cashier was] a young girl. I wanted her to keep her job. I wanted the guy to be caught,” the witness said.

Redditors Agreed That The Ass Whooping Was Necessary

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Many Pointed Out His Audacity To Snap His Fingers At The Manager

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People Sympathized With Service Employees For Being Underpaid And Treated Badly

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