Man Asks Adult Star If She'll Take His Virginity

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Everyone on planet Earth has, at one point or another, found themselves at a loss for words.

This might come as a result of witnessing something that renders you speechless. It might also be because you got up the nerve to say something to someone, and they responded in a way you totally weren't expecting.

One man in a video posted to Reddit found out what it's like to be rendered truly speechless after talking to his favorite adult film star.

They Say You Should Never Meet Your Heroes

I think the idea here is that your hero might be more disappointing than you were expecting, which can lead to a big letdown.

Sometimes, heroes are game for more than you might expect — and engaging with them might cause you to totally lose any sense of composure.

Coming In Hot

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To set the scene, this is some kind of fan expo where adult film star Lily Bell is in attendance. One enthusiastic fan starts off his interaction with her by asking, "Have you ever taken a virginity?"

It seems like kind of a rude question, even in the context of the meeting — seriously, dude, don't make everything sexualized, or at least build up to questions like that.

Lily Bell evidently wasn't offended, and she responded positively to the fan.

She Answers The Question

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Bell gamely answers that no, she hasn't taken anyone's virginity before. It's a straightforward answer to kind of a creepy question, and it apparently emboldened her fan to shoot his shot and see what might happen.

"Well, You May Be In Luck. I Am A Virgin!"

The fan proudly proclaims that he's a virgin, which is the kind of thing people don't usually shout out with confidence. His friend, who's holding the camera, helpfully chimes in, adding, "He actually is a virgin."

In just eight seconds, we've gone from this guy's initial meeting with an adult film star to him telling her all about his (lack of) sexual experience.

The camera pans back to Lily Bell, who asks, "So are we gonna f*** right now?"

You Can Practically Hear The Record Scratch.

Still of video where fan asks adult film star a question
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The guy's face just goes blank. All of his bravado seems to be gone, even though an adult film star kinda-sorta agreed to sleep with him. You can almost see the gears in his head turning as he thinks of something to say. The video cuts off quickly, though, so we have no resolution to this strange meeting.

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