See How This TikTok User Enjoys A Coffee Date With Her Dog In NYC

Jordan Claes
Ollie the Maltipoo smiling at the camera.
instagram | @olliepopmaltipoo

Have you ever felt unlucky in love? Does the holiday season do nothing but highlight that which you currently don't have in your life? Then this year, why not try something different?

Dating your dog might sound silly at first, but it could also be the best thing you ever do. That's certainly been the case for TikTok user @olliepopmaltipoo and her adorable pup, Ollie.

When TikTok User @Olliepopmaltipoo First Moved To New York, She Didn't Know A Single Soul.

Ollie the Maltipoo as a puppy, laying on the grass in a park in NYC.
instagram | @olliepopmaltipoo

Life in the Big Apple can get pretty lonely and depressing by yourself, so @olliepopmaltipoo decided shortly after making the move that since she didn't already have friends — she'd buy one instead. Enter Ollie the Maltipoo, a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, and just about the most adorable dog you're likely to ever find on social media.

During Those First Few Lonely Months, Ollie's Mom Helped Pass The Time By Taking Ollie On Coffee Dates All Around Town.

Ollie the Maltipoo as a puppy out for a coffee date.
TikTok | @olliepopmaltipoo

Ollie made the perfect coffee date companion. Not only does the adorable dog always seem to have a smile on his face, but word on the street is that he's also a great listener. Although admittedly, Ollie is always a little slow on the draw when it comes time to pony up the dough in order to pay the bill.

One Of Ollie's Favorite Places To Frequent Is The Black Lab Café.

Ollie the Maltipoo out for a walk, wearing a rainbow-colored bandana.
instagram | @olliepopmaltipoo

Realizing it had been a while since their last coffee date, Ollie's mom decided to dress him up and hit the town. She started off the morning by giving Ollie a quick grooming with his slicker brush, and then slid on his favorite blue sweater. After that, it was a quick train ride to the city center and from there, only a short walk to the Black Lab Cafe.

Once There, Ollie And His Mom Settled Into Their Favorite Booth.

When it came time to order, mom stuck to coffee and Ollie made sure to order his absolute favorite homemade treat — Pup Tarts!

"Oh my god he is just too CUUUUTE," TikTok user @beyondthesun666 commented.

"I love that he’s always got that sweet smile on his face; little cutie," @th0rtful said.

Dating can be difficult and even dreadful at times. That's why it makes so much more sense to date your dog. They never talk back, they never stand you up, and they'll always leave you wanting a second date.