Teen Dad Worried That Girlfriend Wants To Attend College, Leaving Daughter All On Him

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Being a parent is hard work. It is a job within itself to raise a baby. Many people take years of planning and preparation before they decide to become parents. It takes savings and a lot of time to have a newborn. When teens become parents, it's not always the easiest to do. Sometimes, their parents can turn their backs on them, and their futures get put into perspective, too.

teen dad college dilemma
reddit | Reddit

teen dad college dilemma
reddit | Reddit

The 16-Year-Old Dad Shared That He Lives With His Father and His Ex-Girlfriend, Taking Care of His Daughter

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The teenage father said he and his ex-girlfriend have a child together. Once the baby was born, his mother kicked him out, as well as his girlfriend's parents. His father decided to take them both in and help them out here and there with their daughter. The two are not together romantically but have a lot going on in their own individual lives.

The Reddit user got his GED and his dad helped him get into welding school, which he finishes in two weeks. His ex has said she wants to go to college after finishing high school. However, she would continue living with the Reddit user and his dad. The Reddit user doesn't want this to happen, because he feels like they are no longer together and it's just awkward at this point in time.

However, his dad feels as though she should stay with them until she finishes and gets her degree because the Reddit user already got his career started and it's only fair.

Many Pointed Out, Straight Up, This Dad is Amazing

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All of the Reddit users online felt as though the Reddit user's father truly is an upstanding man. He is making sure that his son, his granddaughter, and her mother are all taken care of. Many said it's also up to the dad to decide whether or not Tiffany stays living with them, because at that point she will be paying rent.

Others Said Put Aside The Negative Feelings and Put His Daughter into Perspective

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Other commenters felt as though the feelings between the Reddit user and his ex should come last, and parenting his daughter should come first. They also pointed out that so far, he has stepped up a great deal and done a whole lot of good for his daughter—it shouldn't stop there just because of some awkward emotions and feelings.

Many Said They Agree

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Other people commented and agreed that it's important to continue to keep their daughter as the priority. Having both parents under one roof in the child's infancy is going to change her life. The Reddit user's dad is also helping to make sure the two can be real parents and not have to worry so much about the burdens of real life—for this current time. They should use it as a gift.