Joe Rogan Blasts ‘Fat F**k’ Professors for Promoting Unhealthy Eating

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Joe Rogan
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Standup comedian turned podcast host Joe Rogan is not one to shy away from sharing his opinion on anything and everything. Rogan does not hesitate from expressing his thoughts on the most controversial opinions. Unfortunately for him, sometimes it does come at a price. The best example of the same was in 2020 when multiple artists threatened to leave and then eventually left Spotify as the company would not de-platform Rogan for spreading what they believed was misinformation on COVID-19. However, the Joe Rogan Experience has just grown exponentially since then.

Exposing the Liver King

In one of the recent episodes of his podcast, Rogan interviewed Derek from the popularly known YouTube channel, 'More Plates More Dates'. This was immediately after Derek had exposed the popular influencer the 'Liver King' for lying about his steroid usage. For months prior to the interview with Derek, Rogan on his podcast repeatedly claimed that he did not think the 'Liver King' was natural and often called out the 'Liver King' for pushing a false narrative.

Slamming Fat Professors

Joe Rogan
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On the same episode with Derek, Rogan and his guest shared their thoughts on a recent document put out by the University of British Colombia. The document suggested that food items should not display nutritional information on the back as the number of calories mentioned next to the food item can be 'triggering' to some. Rogan stated that while it might be triggering to people with eating disorders, that is not the case for most people.

Joe Rogan Slams a Crazy Idea

Needless to say, this idea did not sit well with Rogan who is a huge advocate of eating well and exercising. On the podcast, he said, "F— off, fat professors, f— off, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not in any way good. They’re raising the most non-resilient people possibly known to man, where every single micro-aggression, every single thing that can trigger you, all those are removed, and you are just raw and vulnerable."

Rogan Dominates Once Again

For a long time now, Rogan has been among the most famous podcasts in the world and in the United States. However, Spotify's wrapped data for 2022 showed that Rogan for the second year running retained his top spot as the most famous podcast in the world beating out the likes of Call Her Daddy hosted by Alex Cooper, and Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain.