80-Year-Old Woman Proclaims Husband Is 'Still Hot'

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Being in a long-term relationship, and getting up there in age, as well as years married, is a goal for everyone. People fall in love and hope that it will last for decades to come. It is a huge accomplishment to reach milestones with a significant other. As the years go by, many people assume that the love between a couple can dwindle and change. However, there are so many people who feel as though over the years, the love between them and their partner just grows and grows.

When you see an elderly couple who are still together, hand-in-hand, after so many years, it's extremely heartwarming and special. One Reddit user shares their joy at long-lasting love with customers.

Elderly Customers Are Often The Best

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No Shortage Of Similar Stories

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The retail employee said she has customers that come in twice a week and their exchanges are so funny. Sharing a story about the couple, the retail employee said that one day the man in the relationship was inquiring about Old Spice products to use for shampoo and conditioner. He had gotten a few of the products and while ringing them up, the retail employee joked around that he must "really love the Old Spice products." As it turns out, he does really like them—for a specific reason.

His wife, who is also 80, said that she loves when her husband wears Old Spice. The reason? She thinks he's "really hot" when he wears Old Spice. Although the husband was embarrassed, the retail worker shared the moment was truly special and sweet to see and hear.

Others Shared Stories of Their Elderly Family Finding Love, Too

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One Reddit user said that her grandfather met an older woman while going to the senior center after her grandmother passed. He ended up falling in love with her and they were gifted a weekend at a casino and hotel nearby. As it turns out, they were so in love and wanted to "tie the knot" so that they get down to business with a moment's notice and make sure it was done "right."

Another Retail Worker Shares Similar Story

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One retail worker said that while working, she saw an older woman turn around and slap her husband on the behind. While it was adorable and intimate, seeing it made her giggle and also feel good that love lasts forever.

Do you have cute stories about an elderly couple that you know? Share them in the comments!