Guy Files For Divorce After Seeing How Wife Looked Without Makeup On

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Women wearing makeup is something that dates back far in the depths of history. Women often like to dress themselves up by adding pops of color to their cheeks, lips, or eyelids. Makeup is something that many women hold to be important to them, as they feel better when they are made up and done up. However, when it comes to women and makeup, men often complain that it "hides" how a woman truly looks.

Many times, men will call women catfishes or even say that they are lying about who they are because they use makeup often, on an everyday basis. Once they begin dating—or even marry them—and see what they look like without makeup, things change.

Recently, One Story Was Posted On Reddit About a Man Who Filed For Divorce After

man files for divorce for makeup
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The Story Claimed That The Husband Was Unhappy With His Wife's Natural Appearance

After marrying his wife, the husband soon saw his wife without any makeup on. Upon seeing her natural appearance, he was upset and felt as though he was betrayed by this. He decided that he wanted to file for divorce, due to the fact that he did not like how his wife appeared naturally, without any makeup on.

One Reddit User Blamed The Husband

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One Reddit user blamed this on the husband in the story, saying that he was an "idiot" for marrying someone without seeing her without any makeup on. Some people feel as though it was justified to feel the way he did, but it was also on him for not doing his due diligence before he tied the knot.

Another Reddit User Made a Date Suggestion For the Future

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Another Reddit user shared that it's important to go to an "outdoor date" like the beach so that their date can get "wet" by water, or be seen in good lighting, to understand how they truly do look naturally.

One Woman Shared Her Father Did Something Similar, and It Scarred Her For Life

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One Reddit user added that when she was 10, her father broke up with his girlfriend because he did not like how she looked first thing in the morning—without any makeup on. However, she said she "didn't even really wear that much makeup." Overall, the Reddit user said that seeing this as a young girl truly hurt her in the long run psychologically—as it would for any other young girl.