Vanessa Hudgens Looks Unrecognizable With Blonde Hair And Bleached Eyebrows

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Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens is stunning as she ditches her signature dark locks for light ones and also hops aboard the bleached eyebrows trend. The High School Musical actress and singer looked unrecognizable as she updated her Instagram recently - she posted full platinum blonde while also following in the footsteps of supermodel Kendall Jenner on the eyebrow front. Vanessa was looking edgy and also like a total doll while in a shiny PVC jacket and statement necklace. Fans have left the Fabletics partner over 112,000 likes. Also dropping one was socialite Paris Hilton.

Stuns As A Blonde

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa quickly made headlines for being likened to singer Lady Gaga as she seemingly channeled the Bad Romance singer. She posed fiercely and from a backyard while rocking a bouffant and sleek blonde do that may have been a wig.

Looking right into the lens, Vanessa showed off her gorgeous facial features, also rocking a pale face of makeup complete with a deep red lip, plus light mascara. She had notably shaved her eyebrows for a slight alien finish, also rocking a gold choker necklace in segmented sections. The actress went shirtless while in her black PVC blazer, and she even ditched the pro photographers - the snapshot was a selfie. "Who even is she," Hudgens wrote in her caption. "Haus of Hudgens" is a top reply, here referring to Lady Gaga's Haus Labs makeup brand.

Brands Want Her

2022 brings a new era of celebrity power to designer brands. Vanessa has been shouting out designer Michael Kors on Instagram. She also recently rocked label Vera Wang while attending a high-profile event. Posting in a gorgeous Vera Wang bra and skirt this month, Vanessa wrote:

"A special night. Thank you @cfda ❤️ @verawanggang you always make me feel sexy, Powerful and elegant. And your SUCH a bad*ss. An honor walking by your side. 🙌🏽✨" Vanessa is, however, also signed to Fabletics, where she boasts collections.

Fabletics Collection

Vanessa released her latest Fabletics range around Halloween.

"It feels very '90s-inspired. I always look back at my favorite fall spooky vibes, and it's like, The Craft. I wanted this to be really personal, and it is exactly that. It's a full collection of lifestyle, of things to wear going out, things to be active in, all within this palette that just falls into the spooky season so perfectly," she told In Style.

Keep Following Her!

Vanessa continues to build up followers on Instagram. Her fanbase now sits at over 47 million. For more, see her account.