Dog Enjoying 'Hallmark Movie' Is Giving Us All The Feels

Chisom Ndianefo
Unsplash | Oscar Sutton

Don't you just love when dogs do the most? This good dog, as seen on TikTok, is settling into the holiday spirit in the best way possible as he curled up on the couch to catch a Hallmark holiday movie.

The wholesome scene was captured by dog mom, who was equally smitten as we were at this precious sight, and now you need to read all about it.

Keep reading for the details.

Movie Time

TikTok user @piper_the_downtown_dog caught this adorable moment right on tape which shows her cute Labrador Retriever mix curled up in between soft pillows and treating herself to a movie.

We understand her surprise, but we're living vicariously through Piper as we get ready to beat deadlines and stop work for the year. If anything, this video proves we're on the right track, and the home's where all the fun's at.

TikTokers Love Piper

Looks like Piper is the most loved dog on TikTok right now as her video has gathered over 200k views and loads of catchy comments like this one from @jammiejam23, who called Piper a literal hallmark movie, and we couldn't agree more! "Your dog IS a Hallmark movie."

Another pet owner @3rightsmakealeft chipped in how her dogs are not into television as they couldn't figure it out.

"That is so cute! My dogs never saw the TV they couldn't figure it out, and they were very smart." Dogs handle things differently, and Piper happens to fancy the sight of a television.

Another commenter also suggested that Piper may even know the film's end, which has us laughing because all holiday movies end on a happy note, and Piper sure deserves to be happy.

"I bet she can predict the plot too! All of those movies have the same plot," wrote @sadiesadiemarriedlady.

Labs Are Very Versatile

Labrador Retriever
Unsplash | Shreyas Chaudhari

Thanks to their amazing intelligence and urge to please their owners, Labs can do almost anything, from working in search and rescue to bomb and drug detection to therapy dog work. It's not a surprise that Piper is so focused on the television like she understands everything they're saying.

Blame it on her intelligence and versatility!

Labradors Have A Huge Appetite

These dogs can eat just about anything, so keep all your snacks out of reach and take them on regular walks to prevent obesity, be careful, though; they're fast runners and may outrun you at a whopping speed of 19km per hour in three seconds!

The good thing is they'll always remain a puppy at heart regardless of age, so rest assured you have an energetic playmate for life.