Watch This Heartwarming Video Of Giant Dog Protecting His Family

Chisom Ndianefo
Unsplash | Pauline Loroy

Dogs also have a protective instinct rooted deep inside them. If your dog loves you or has spent a reasonable amount with you, the need to always care, look out for and protect your family becomes paramount to the dog, and they'll go to any length to ensure that.

The video of this sweet dog protecting two babies is melting our hearts, and we need to discuss it.

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Phil And Niko The Guardians

Phil is not new to performing guardian duties as he's always close to the two kids, especially when they take naps or sleep while Niko joins him later as they both hop on the couch to give sweet cuddles to the sleeping beauties.

Phil is exceptionally skilled with these kids as he constantly sniffs their bodies, takes random checks at them, and even puts his little paws on their blankets. He also loves a bit of attention, as he settles in for head rubs and pats from his mom while Niko looks on.

It's so lovely to see these two dogs be responsible brothers who would do anything to make sure their humans are safe.

Viewers Can't Get Enough Of These Dogs

The comment section of @Life With Malamutes on YouTube is filled with adorable comments praising Phil for his tender care and Nico for being a great assistant.

Subhash Taing wrote:

"Phil most definitely needs to be protected at all costs. He is literally & figuratively the most precious asset in the U.K., more precious than even the Kohinoor diamond."

Another user is praising mom for training the dogs so well.

"So we start out with Mia & Nathan sleeping together, which is beyond precious. We have Phil taking his place as the protector and a smiling Niko taking her place as Nanny. It's easy to see love for the little ones. I just want to hug those wonderful dogs. You have brought them up well."

Give the best dogs of the year awards to these good dogs already! They sure deserve it.

Dogs And Babies Have A Special Relationship

Dogs are smitten with babies and form strong connections because they spend a reasonable amount of time together. Hence it's only natural that they become super protective of them.

They see babies as playmates and someone who gives them uninterrupted attention, and protecting them from harm's way is a small price to pay.

Dogs also make babies happy as it helps boost the serotonin and dopamine level of the child.

It's Best To Socialize Your Dogs With The Kids Early

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Like in the video, it's usually best to begin the familiarization process between the dog and the baby early to establish a dog's protective and trustworthy behavior towards the infant.

However, if it's beginning to feel like you can't handle it alone, seek the help of a professional trainer and never leave your dog alone with an infant, even after so much training.