Jason Momoa's Time As 'Aquaman' May Be Coming To An End

Jordan Claes
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The King of Atlantis is allegedly looking to vacate the throne. After reports first put forward by The Hollywood Reporter, it's now been all but confirmed that Jason Momoa's time spent playing Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, has come to an end.

Fear not, for if rumors are to be believed, Momoa will soon look to dawn the mantle of yet another fan-favorite DC character. However, this now means that the fate of the Justice League's most regal member has been left gasping for air — much like a fish out of water.

The King Has Officially Left The Building

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There's been a ton of shakeup over at DC since handing the creative reigns off to James Gunn, specifically as it pertains to Jason Momoa and the fate of Aquaman. As fans are well aware by now, the franchise has been mired in controversy ever since the very public firing of actress Amber Heard — who played DC's Queen of Atlantis, Meera. If reports are to be believed, Jason is also set to make his exit from DC's most profitable franchise.

Good News/Bad News Scenario

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The good news is that Jason won't be going too far. He'll still be an integral part of the newly rebooted DCU, just not in the way that fans have come to know him. Instead of playing Arthur Curry, "The King of Atlantis," Jason will be swapping roles in order to portray Lobo, AKA "The Main Man" — an infamous intergalactic bounty hunter and the last member of the Czarnian race.

Fans Of DC Comics Have Been Clamoring For Years

Admittedly, Momoa's physical traits and boisterous personality are much more in keeping with Lobo than they are with Aquaman's. Lobo is a longhaired outlaw; a cigar-smoking, heavy metal motorcycle-riding, beer-drinking psychopath — who is able to contend with the very best heroes the DCU has to offer, including Superman. If Lobo is set to make his long-awaited debut, there's hardly a better or more eager actor in Hollywood to play him than Jason Momoa.

Coming At An Incredible Cost — Both Literally And Metaphorically

Let's not forget that Aquaman has been DC's most-profitable franchise since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. For DC to cut the legs off of their most-prized racing horse when it's barely out of the gate seems ill-advised.

Casting Momoa as Lobo would all but end Aquaman's brief time in the DCU. Fans are likely to reject a recasting of Arthur Curry — especially if Aquaman is slated to go toe-to-toe with Lobo in any future battles. How the studio plans to rectify this paradox remains to be seen, but with the DCU now firmly in the hands of James Gunn, suffice it to say that the future finally is looking bright for DC.