Father Stops Showing Adopted Daughter Love After His Wife Has A Biological Daughter

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Many couples struggle with fertility in their lives. Trying to have kids can be a truly stressful experience when you cannot. It can put a lot of things into perspective for couples. Some couples choose to still create a family by adopting a child. Many families welcome a child into their world and love that child as though they had given birth to the child themselves.

However, some people feel as though that child is not their "true" child, because they are not biologically theirs.

On Reddit, a Wife Recently Opened Up About Her Family Dynamic and Her Husband's Newfound Distaste For It

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The Wife Shared That Her Husband Began Treating Their Adopted Daughter Poorly After Their Biological Daughter Was Born

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The Reddit user opened up about trying to have a child with her husband with no success. After being unable to conceive, the couple adopted a daughter—Sophie. She shared her husband loved and adored Sophie when they adopted her. Then, she found out that she was pregnant. They welcomed another daughter into their lives when Sophie was only 11 months old.

The wife was excited to have another daughter and looking forward to raising the girls together. However, her husband began to neglect Sophie once their daughter, Amy, was born. Eventually, her husband told her that since Amy was born, his love for Sophie had "dimmed" because Amy is their biological daughter and Sophie is not.

The wife shared that the information has changed the way she looks at her husband and now, she wants to divorce him.

People Online Agreed It Was Grounds for Divorce

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Many people felt that this was grounds for divorce because the man is very clearly drawing a line in the sand against their daughter, Sophie. He has made it clear that Sophie is not as important in his life as Amy is, simply because she is adopted.

Others Feel Like Her Husband Needs Therapy

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People pointed out that the husband truly needs to seek help and therapy if he is going to neglect a daughter that he loved and adopted because his younger daughter was born. One person also pointed out that this will cause resentment and hatred between the two girls as they grow up if he continues to favor one daughter over the other. Overall, many believed that the husband was 100% in the wrong and that this marriage needed severe help.