TikToker Shares Viral Video Of What 'Morning Chores On Farm Look Like'

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Farmer attending to cows
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Over the past few months, TikToker Matt Matthews has managed to keep netizens entertained with various contents on the app. However, most of his viral contents are clips of his life on his little farm with his chickens, goats, and horse. While farming may be a little hectic and boring, Matt has made it look effortless and fun with his hilarious relationship and interactions with the farm animals.

Recently, the TikToker went viral again after he shared another of his farm videos. This time, Matt showed netizens what typical morning chores on the farm look like. As usual, it left thousands of them in stitches. Here are the details of the viral clip.

Inside Matt's Morning Chores On the Farm

On December 3, 2022, Matt took to TikTok to share another hilarious video. The clip began with Matt, dressed in a white robe and black rain boots, going over to his little chicken pen. While heading over to check on his chickens, the TikToker can be heard loudly saying to the animals, "Hello, everybody, good morning." Then, at some point, Matt pauses before saying, "We not starting this s**t this early."

Finally, he opens the pen after telling one of his chickens to "sit on her baby" or else it will freeze to death. After opening the pen, the TikToker continues the morning greetings, adding "rise and shine" with a huge smile on his face. Next, Matt turns to one of his chickens while pointing at another and says, "There's your baby. She's gonna freeze to death. Go get her. Lazy a** mama."

More Of The Hilarious Clip 

The other parts of the clip show Matt feeding the chickens while lamenting about the freezing temperature. Afterward, he moves over to his horse to fix its bridle. While at it, the horse refuses to remain stable, forcing Matt to say, "You're not going nowhere. You don't understand English." Finally, the TikToker lets the horse go for a run, as seen toward the end of the clip. Then, Matt ends the funny video with these words: "I hate it here."

TikTokers' Reactions To The Clip

Since the video hit TikTok, it has racked up over nine million views with more than 12,000 comments. Most netizens loved the video and found it very funny. Some asked that Matt be given a reality TV show, while others pointed out how amazing it was to watch him talk to the animals like his children and not animals. 

More Thoughts From TikTokers

Many netizens revealed that Matt's content inspired them to start a farm, even though it would not be as fun and easy as he made it look. Others clarified that the TikToker's video was one of the few reasons they visited the app. One user said Matt brought so much joy with every post, adding that he reminded her of how she used to talk to her kids when they were little. Overall, Matt is one of the most amazing and cherished TikTokers worldwide.