This Video Of Puppy Trying To Stop Mom From Leaving Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

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A Puppy
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As a pet owner, it's the hardest thing to leave puppies behind while you go about your day. These furry babies are clingy, so it makes two of you. In this new TikTok clip, this little guy tries his best to stop mom from leaving, and we're grinning from ear to ear in admiration.

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Loki Uses A Sheep Toy As Decoy

Perhaps in a bit to express its displeasure at its human's constant exit from home or a simple trick to keep her from leaving, the Golden Retriever blocked the dog cam with a fluffy toy, thereby blocking mom from checking on it while she was out.

The mom expressed her shock and captioned the video "STILL NOT OVER THIS" with a crying emoji while The Next Episode by Dr. Dre plays in the background. In the video, the mom leaves a detailed caption of the event.

"When you think it's fine to leave to leave your dog home as long as you can check on him on the doggy cam but he has other plans and leaves his sheep toy right in front of the camera arrghh"

Viewer's Reaction To The Video

Viewers are praising the dog for being so smart in the comment section and we found some quote-worthy ones for you.

"This is just too cute! @Beckyy had something similar happen, but with her pet cat, and she types, "My cat did this, stared at it for a couple of minutes and then pulled a curtain across it." @Imbellahand thinks the puppy is being sneaky and said, "He’s got secret business to attend to." LOL! @Squishy says, "Oh boy!! That's one smart puppy!!" @Klf posts what she thinks Loki was thinking, and says, "Thinking 'Oooooo maybe this one looks like me.. I'm just gonna put that right there!"

Explaining Puppies Clingy Behaviors

A Golden Retriever
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Dogs can become clingy if they sense their human's stress and anxiety - the immediate urge to offer emotional comfort comes in, and they do this through cuddles and attention. In the same vein, dogs who also have anxiety issues develop clingy behaviors.

So, Loki may just be feeling mom's stress or prefers her companionship, which may be responsible for the "sheep toy on dog cam" trick.

Dogs also prefer the companionship of their human owners; domestication and natural selection have shaped them to be that way.

Golden Retrievers Are Quite Popular

These adorable breeds have graced calendars, greeting cards, posters, and magazine pages. They rank number 3 in the American Kennel Club Popularity Rankings and are very popular in American households.

They've been owned by two United States presidents - President Ford's Liberty and President Reagan's Victory.